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  • beaded headband question

    Hi all,
    I know alot of the ladies out there wear beaded headbands (not the wrap around your head and tie kind) (and not the ones that rest on the main top of your head kind) - Im talking about the ones that rest kind of around your hair line. Does this make any sense at all? I can visualize that Im talking about, I just dont know how to explain it.
    Anyways, I am working on a beaded set of goodies, and would really like to try my hand at making one of those types of headbands, so, my question is, how the heck do you get those to stay on your head? Do you attach the beadwork to small hidden barrettes in there? Or hair combs? Or to the plastic barrettes you buy at the store? Or what? LOL, I've pondered on this for a long time now, and I am flabbergasted.
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    All of the above PLUS Velcro!! is what it is...


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      really? velco, hmmmm, ida never thought of that one. If I have enough beads left from this project to make a matching band, Im gonna have to try it. Thanks!!!!
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        This post has been helpful...but which works the best (combs or tiny barrettes?) I'm thinking I will use the little mini combs at the ends...ya know the clear one's... I think they would have the best hold. I've seen velcro before but I like the headbands that don't connect in the back and sort of curve downward at the end...does that make sense?


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