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    Quick question here for experienced beaders,

    how much time does it take to bead a pair of leggins, whether straight or lazy stitch? I have a full time demanding job, but wonder if I can accomplish a new pair for summer...
    mission possible or...?
    just hangin'

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    I don't know how long it will take you personally, but an experienced beader can get a pair of leggings done by summer. I assume you mean a fully beaded pair of womens leggings. During the school year when my daughter's were graduating I was able to make 2 sets of beaded leggings, a belt, 2 pairs of hairties, 2 big barrettes and 2 fully beaded mocs. I beaded every waking hour though and even on my lunch hour.

    I would say, GO FOR IT! Get started and maybe you'll have time to make some other matching items as well by summer. is what it is...


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      Its certainly doable. Bead whenever you can. You will be surprised how much 20 or 30-minute increments of work can add up. I made a fully beaded dress yoke this way.


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        my son's apron took me a month and it's about the size of a Woman's legging, however I was working nights so I beaded at work to stay awake. Now that I'm back home with the kids I bead a bit when I walk past my sewing table (sometimes I get an hour, sometimes 2 or 3 minutes, but it adds up quick enough. My sewing table is by the kitchen & laundry. I go to the kitchen and laundry a lot. You'll have time. If you got kids who are old enough get them to do supper a few times a week while you bead. Of course if you got younger kids this will be the worst time of day to bead. I bead at night when everyone is sleeping also. I don'i grt s ;ot of sleep that way, but it' worth it in the end


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          Thank you for the encouragement - it's been so long since I've made leggings! I've begun to bead them - I'll post a pic when they're done. When I think it's impossible, I'll remember your words - Thanks again!:)
          just hangin'


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