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  • Opinions on price needed

    To take a self employment program I need to showfair market value of inventory (cause I don't have the 5,499 dollars (as my contribution to my buisness).
    So this isn't about how much I should charge, (that I already have worked out), it's about how much I could charge, so give generous prices that I can turn in as evidence of market value. (and I need to get to work creating inventory to sit around until I get my request accepted) Thanks all (and here's the list I'd like priced)

    Appliqued Fancy shawl regalia (dress, bibs, belt, leggings, shawl)

    Appliqued Grass dance regalia (aprons, yoke, belt & drops, pants & leg bands)

    Appliqued Ribbon Dress (dress or shirt & skirt)

    Beaded Grass dance set of (harness, belt, drops & cuffs)

    Beaded Women's set of (back hair barette, headband, hair ties, choker & drop)
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    Here's what I charge for the things that I do:
    Fancy Shawl Regalia - $250 - $350 (depends on size and design)
    Grass Dance Regalia - $350 - $450 (depends on size and design)
    Ribbon Dress - $85 (includes dress and simple leggings)
    Skirt and Shirt - $120 (shirt, skirt and leggings)
    Women's Beadwork - $300 - $400 (includes back barrette, headband, hairties, choker, drop and earrings) (depends on design and type of beads)

    I haven't done grass dance beadwork yet so I'm not sure how much I'll charge for it.

    Hope this helps you out!


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      well thank-you, however I don't need the list anymore. Apparently I don't qualify for the program because I already started my business. You have to by some of your equipment & have inventory or have the money for those things and then sit around & do nothing about it until you start the program. Does this sound stupid to anyone else? You would think they would want to help people who are motivated & proactive...apparently not. Oh well I'll just have to do with out the assistance of that program. Government people are idiots.
      Thanks for your help though.


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