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    I've always heard good things about 3 cuts. The galvanized have a nice shine look to them. But I've never really heard of them being used.


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      Oh purples and pinks... the bane of my beading existence.... they're my sister's colors.

      I've used the ones that cherokeemom posted a picture of (the transparent ones) and they are nice. That's what I used to bead larger things like my sis's fancy yoke. I've also used galvanized purple (like these: Purple Metallic 11/0 Seed Beads - eBay (item 370095719990 end time Feb-06-09 22:15:07 PST)). They really do have a nice shine and I've used alot of galvanized silver and gold in my own regalia. I don't know if they fade, however, since I haven't used them for that long. I've had some trouble with tarnishing though and sometimes they look lumpy to me. But whatever you do, don't used any silver-lined purples that aren't delicas because they will fade and look like poo!

      My absolute favorite purple bead is the silver lined purple delica (DB610) that you mentioned first. It's color is very rich and who doesn't love the consistency of delicas. I use this purple ALOT but I actually order them on ebay to keep cost down (Here's some: Miyuki Delica Seed Beads DBM0610 TSL Brite Royal Purple - eBay (item 190263815215 end time Jan-30-09 13:50:16 PST)) I know some sellers there sell them by the gram/ounce and give you a discount if you order so many grams/ounces. Here's some of my beading wit them... aren't they BLING BLANGING! KSU Wildcat Barrette 2009UAC by ~TheMachete on deviantART
      They also don't look that blue... my flash made them look a funny color. I used galvanized silver beads for the edge if you wanna see what that sort of bead looks like.

      This is the end of my rambling! Yay!
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        I would give a word of warning about some purple/pink beads: many are dyed or painted.

        The dyes used on these beads are often highly conjugated organics -- anthraquinone, cyanine, triphenodioxazine derivatives. Like all dyes and pigments they produce color by selectively absorbing certain wavelengths of light. The energy thus absorbed is dissipated in a variety of ways, including the occasion breakage of a bond. Once the bond breaks the absorption maximum shifts and the color changes. Break enough bonds and the color disappears or is replaced by the lovely yellow/brown of organic photo-decomposition. Purple and pink dyes -- as a class -- are especially prone to photo-decomposition.

        Beads with the color incorporated into the glass contain inorganic pigments, usually mineral oxides like: gold, iron, manganese and cobalt oxides to produce color; lead (old-old beads) and cerium oxides to clarify and decolorize the melt; tin and zirconium oxides to opacify. These compounds are far more resistant photo-decomposition. However, they do not produce the bright clean purples and pinks, particularly in opaque beads. Further as some of you collectors of old glass beads know, the modern desire not to poison oneself or family for your art has removed several fluxes, opacifiers, and pigments from use in glass. So the lovely antique pinks and purples, which are chock full of gold, lead and other lovely expensive and/or poisonous compounds are no more.

        Dyes and paints are also surface treatments. Some like the sol-gel coatings used to make the light tan beads are chemically bonded to the glass surface. Other coatings are held on by weaker intermolecular forces. Some coatings lack physical durability and wear off.

        Powwow regalia is exposed to sun, salts from sweat, oils, and moisture. It gets beat up. So, test any dyed or coated beads. Wear a string around your wrist for a week or two. Lay them in a protected, outdoors sunny spot for a few weeks. Dip some in water. Rub a few strands together for a little while. Then decide whether or not you want to use them.

        StainsFile - Structure and Colour in Dyes
        Colored Glass Chemistry,


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          That is awesome advice tips, Thanks for info Ol Chemist!


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            So the Delicas and galvanized sound alright. And the 3 cuts. So maybe I'll get Delicas for loomwork and 3 cuts for rosettes. Or something like that.


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              I like the purple iris in Czech 3 cuts. They're pretty in person and a rich purple color. I've worked with it for about a year, and I don't see the turning of the color that some beads do such as the fuschia pink.

              You can get them by visiting this website:

              Fancy Dancer Leather Designs
              Bead All You Can Bead


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                You can check out thats the best place i've found. I have some awesome purkle (yups, I said tri-cuts in that violet ab, and that lilac. Alot of these colors Yer not gonna find in a seed bead or tru cut. Info on beads from my own experience..the violet purkle is is the actual color of the glass, so no fading rubbing..ect. the color lined WILL fade over time. There is a gorgeous hot pink tri cut, and awesome green, but they both fade really bad and you have to be careful not to get em wet, etc. or they will stain yer projects. Galvenized rub... I did some loomwork awhile back in this purty plum hex bead that was the barrete is a funky plum/white mix..LOL.. same with the metallic galvenized.. rub a dub dub... Glad I didn't do a big project with em. Another word to the wise on purkles, if yer doin a large project get em all at once, cuz the dye lots change alot on these colors!

                Ever notice how cheyenne pink beads are expensive compared to other colors? Thats because theres real gold used to make that color..interesting huh? Just thought i'd add that..LOL..


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                  The dark purple charlottes on shipwreck look a little more colorful. You think they'd be good?


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                    Originally posted by powwowdancer7 View Post
                    The dark purple charlottes on shipwreck look a little more colorful. You think they'd be good?

                    Im not sure which one yer looking at, but for the most part with seed beads that Purple will be that funky grayish purple. You can call em and ask too, they're pretty good about telling you if the color is what your looking for and what not.


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                      I know exactly what you mean. It normally looks real grey. I want a nice red purple color. Real rich.


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                        Whimbeads ~ Product Listing
                        go through here, the good purples start on page 3, and there are more too.


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                          Originally posted by powwowdancer7 View Post
                          I want a nice red purple color. Real rich.
                          You and every other glass artist and ceramist. The chemistry is really against you. You can't really blend the chemicals that make red and purple glass and get a red-purple. Glass doesn't blend like paint. And some of those colors are fugitive.

                          There is are some good transparent purple glasses made by subjecting manganese containing alkaline glass to strong short-wave UV or gamma irradiation. The irradiation changes the electronic state of the manganese in the glass and makes a cool bluish-purple.

                          My friend has made some nice lampwork beads with a fairly rich purple by making a inner tube of a red striking glass. Then she covers it with transparent purple. The color isn't quite perfect, since the Murano strike red is kind of on the yellow side of red. I keep hoping the someone will make a "white heart" with a dark red center and a transparent purple outer coat.


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                            I have gotten some cool "crayola crayon" purple transparent beads from a seller on ebay. Her store is miyukigal. I've ordered from her several times-order arrives promptly-within 4 or 5 days. she's easy to deal with on special requests, too.
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                              good beads

                              may try shipwreck beads or baker bay beads. These two are in the nw area of the usa. FireMountain Gems has some nice stuff, and isnt far from where i live, but, they are really spendy compared to shipwreck or baker.


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                                Possible purple bead source

                                Originally posted by powwowdancer7 View Post
                                Where can I find some good purple beads? I like the color of the silver lined red violet delicas on fire mountain but I want to use czech beads because they are less expensive. But the purple czech beads look grey to me.
                                Have you ever been to She has a pretty good selection of 11/0's; most of her hanks are only $1.70, and her minimum order is pretty small. Her colors are good - much more colorful than in the pictures.

                                Unfortunately, she doesn't carry any smaller sizes.


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