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    I have the rhinestone chain backed in plastic. How do I attach it if I'm using Pellon? And do you put them on before you bead your piece?

    I know how I do it when I use baby lap pad, but it's getting so hard to find I'm trying new stuff.

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    I'm curious, is there a special "way" to attach it to the baby lap pad?


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      I sew it on after im done , not sure how others do it, and i just tack it so to speak doing one lil stitch on each side. If I have rhinestones in the beadwork itsself I tend to sew it on first and bead around it, but as said not sure how others do it..
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        Originally posted by Iowa_Boy View Post
        I'm curious, is there a special "way" to attach it to the baby lap pad?
        I just glue it down, wait for it to dry, and then tack it down in a few places. But the glue I use doesn't work on the pellon.


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          I ran into some of that baby lap pad material at a fabric store one time. I will have to go back and find out exactly what it's called and who manufactures it. That's all my grandma liked to bead on. Gotta be somewhere online you can buy it by the yard.


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            you can go into most fabric stores and ask for it, in Fargo, I go to either JoAnn fabrics or to the Toys R Us and by it in the baby section. At fabric stores I usually ask where is the "rubberized flannel", thats the technical term for a puddle pad!


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              I sew it on stitch by stitch as well....I only bead on felt and peltex these days and it stays down nicely. I stitch it on first if I'm beading around it but for my dally's and barrettes I stitch it on around the piece after I'm done beading. It just depends.


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                I checked out our local JoAnn's and sure enough, they have it by the yard. Didn't know it was called rubberized flannel. Thanks for the suggestion, now I have a huge supply!

                Hey, how do you attach a picture?
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                  it depends when i work with rhinestones.
                  if its in my design i sew the rhinestones down 1st then start beadinng.
                  but most times i use the banding for my edging. so when i'm done with my projects i tack down the banding everyother stone then trim my excess then do my beaded edging.

                  as for the lap pad by the yard, my friend buys it from joanns, and she told me that its like $12 a yard just for you FYI


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