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  • Beaded Earing question..

    Hello to all, my question is how do I make an earing that resembles a feather ,it has a porkupine quill in the middle and then the beads are on the sides. I do alll sorts of beading and earings but the contstruction of this type baffles me lol. I think they are pretty and want to make some and ideas or tips????
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    I have not seen these, but i would do a free hand gourd stitch variation weave making the feather and then sew the pourcupine quill onto it lengthwise.

    It would also be possible to prick holes thru quill running beads out sides, but it would seem the quill is too fragile for such an act.

    The quill could have both ends clipped or just barb and run a thin bead needle thru and out the sharp end.

    Thats what i saw in my head when reading. Keep us posted if you get one made PLumes! I'd love to see :)


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      Hmmmm....a pic would help here. is what it is...


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        ok i will try to find one, they look super simple but they are stumping me lol..
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          having a hard time finding a pic but I will keep tring
          what it is the quill runs up and down like the quill of a feather, and a few beads are put on either side of the quill ,with the needle and thread passing threw the quill and in the end looks like little black tipd feathers.. The whole piece is flat. I saw something like it on myspace hanging from a medalion necklace, also at one time had a pair myself but now that I want to make some I cant find mine lol.
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            Like these?

            Now im curious! :)

            Sewing thru a quill would be like stitiching thru a feathers quill. Very fragile and gently. These look like they have passed needle thru the actual quill. If you try that route, poke hole and then run needle thru with thread and get the sturdiest chunkiest quills you can find! (short of using african porcupine quills)
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              I found this pic...


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                Wow Suzzeq those are beautifull ive never seen any like those, im curious how to make them!

                to respond to Asmajol those are really close to the ones im talking about and pretty much bet the beading tech would be the same, thats where im stumpd.. Ive already sorted my quills and have nice strrdy "fat" ones all ready juss need to figure out the stitch that is used in the beading, im prolly going to go duuuhhhh when I figure it out lol I bead alot more challenging things than these lil earings ive not a clue why these are giving me such fit's. Thank-you to all that have shared their thoughts and ideas and hope to see more and I will be sure to post a pic if I finally "get" it..

                also wantd to add the ones I saw are more boxy type like they are not taperd till the end where the tip is.. if that makes any sence??
                I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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                  Thanks for posting the pics. Those are pretty cool!

                  I think 2 needles are used - going in opposite directions, making "S's" all the way down the quill. Or just go back through the opposite direction when you get all the way through.
         is what it is...


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                    Maybe this stitch would work? But instead of using beads for the center, use the quill? If you try it, lemme know how it works. Bead Dancing - Right Angle Weave Feather Instructions

                    Or maybe try the stitch for the type of earrings that are kind of a pyramid shape, that have the dangles and bugle beads after the pyramid shape. I can picture them in my head, but dont know of my discription helps, and I make them all the time. (dangly ones, not feathers)
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                      I tried making those earrings that are right angle weaved......they didn't turn out to good. Me and OLChemist both worked on it and it was kind of confusing.
                      I really liked the quill feathers...........those look pretty cool.


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                        SuzzeQ I saw those too arent they awesome!

                        Ok so i bootlegged a rough one up and it was alot easier to stitch thru than i thought! Soft beading needle slipped thru like butter. I didnt clip at all, kept barb on to help it keep shape.
                        By barbed end , Doubled thread, used a stop bead.
                        3 beads ran thru quill ran 6 beads doubled over ran back thru quill
                        Added 3 beads rand thru first 3 and quill and other 3 (first row)
                        Ran thread thru second row second time
                        Added 3 ran thru quill added 3 more ran thru second row then 3rd


                        It was converted to flat gourd at the tip to keep sturdiness
                        Ladder stitch might have worked to.

                        Im sure improv could be done on this also

                        Any opinions?
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                          ok did you one sie then the next? or side to side?
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                            oh another question, am I able to somehow copy the pic and put it here? I rite click on it but not sure what to choose from there..
                            I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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                              After that left click on properties that will display hyperlink to copy and paste. you can paste link or click the icon of a mountain in the reply box. If you paste it in there it will show the image.

                              I did one side then other than ran thru previous row. im experimenting with some more quills and beads playin around.
                              Its really kinda fun thanks for being a muse for the idea Eagle Plumes! Ill post when i get some others done.

                              Really dunno about the gourd stitch at bottom tho. Oh and i made that one upside down kinda. Barb being at bottom instead of top. That way it is more realistic getting narrower towards tip of beded feather :)


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