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    hey! I'm in my sophomore year in college (st. John's college sf) and i was just wondering of all the people here in college that do beadwork or quillwork, who does it while they're at school? i havent been able to do as much as i would like because the curriculum here is very intense, plus, living in the dorm, i havent been able to have all of the beads that i want. that is to say that i only have like a few colors at a time and limited supplies. so now i've been getting into smaller projects. so here are my questions: who here beads at college? and has it changed your style?

    thanks! ~hollis

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    I know what you mean!

    This semester has already started off bad! I am so tired and frustrated I could just cry! I HATE this school year already! Tomorrow I plan on making a round comb. I need to go get some rhinestones and a few other supplies. (If anyone has any empty clorox bottles, send 'em my way. Us Choctaws need them to make our round comb tops, Send them through email! heee heee hee!)
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      You folks should have gone to a school where you can take beadwork as a class for college credit. There was a guy who posted in the "F-word" thread ("Finished"), who had a pipebag that he did in his traditional arts class. There are schools out there.


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        When I was in college and law school I beaded all the time, but it was less than I did before and after. But I appreciate the time i did get to bead more and had tons of ideas built up when I finally graduated.


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          It's been almost 10 years since I was an undergrad, but I was a beading fool! That was actually my hey-day and where my style sort of came to me. We had a wonderful beadshop about 2 blocks from my dorm, so I was all set with a plethora of colors. My dorm desk was devoted to beadwork and I did all my homework sitting on the bed or finding a quiet table and chair somewhere. My school work was more mobile then my beadwork (mostly loomwark) I was well known in our building as the wierdo who did all the beadwork, but in a good way. Loads of folks wanted to come watch me work, and I often worked with the door wide open and talked to people as I went.

          Grad school was a different story. Probably the only time in my craftworking history that my loom acquired dust. What a shame. Then I picked it up once I got a job, now I've moved again so it's back to finding my groove again.

          This probably wan't any help, but I'm bored tonight.


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            For me I only bead a couple hours during the week. With class, homework, and my job it keeps me busy. Usually I can get like 2 hrs of beading during the week, then on saturdays I can bead most of the day.
            Before I use to choose beading over doing my homework (Oh how I wish beading was homework), then I'd have to stay up late just to finish my homework and make it look decent. Thats also where I found that I work best when under preassure *LOL*


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              When I was an undergrad, I did a little beadwork. I was hampered by little money (My "mad" money was the $10 a week I earned as a work study with the art department) and few beads. Mostly I experimented with working beadwork design motifs into textiles and metal.

              Now in grad school, my stipend was enough to buy beads and buckskin. I even beaded in the lab, while waiting for scans to finish. (I do not recommend beading wearing dark green YAG laser safety glasses....) I tried a little quillwork, leading to my thesis advisor sitting on a quill that had worked into a chair in the lab.

              Now postdoc-ing really put a crimp in doing any artwork.


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