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  • Chickasaw beadwork

    I can't find any examples of chickasaw beading. Any help would be great.

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    What type are you looking for?
    Applique, or those beaded capes?


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      that was a pretty broad question, maybe style would have been better, geometeric like the plains or floral like the woodlands.


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        You can find some nice examples of muskegon (choctaw, chicasaw, and creek) from the 1800's and early 1900's- just a matter of knowing where to look.
        I will see if someone will scan some of my copies of photos in for you.
        I would not describe the beadwork as floral (I am not chickasaw either so I am not an expert just a passing observer). There are some geometric elements, but it is more flowing like scrollwork.

        The capes are done in geometric patterns though.



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          It's much easier to google Choctaw beadwork.

          I see what you mean about the scrolling design.
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 is what it is...


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            If you go to Martha Berry's website you can see some examples of Southeastern Woodlands style beadwork on moccasin. Some of these examples reflect designs seen on pre-Columbian pottery. While Ms. Berry is Cherokee, her website states that her work is "in the styles worn by the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole, prior to 1850."

            Beaded art inspired by traditional Southeastern Woodlands Native American Indian beadwork, including bandolier bags, moccasins, sashes, small purses and belts.

            Hope this helps!


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              Thank you, this is a great help.


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                The berrybeadwork website was helpful. We are planning a trip out west to Oklahoma and have been trying to research as much as possible (our son has) before visiting the new cultural center. It seems that with every website we learn something new about the tribe, be it big or small. I think researching the beadwork and other traits will encourage the Chickasaw tribal preservation. Would anyone know of a pow-wow that may be happening in the Oklahoma area in the month of June or early July? Hopefully, we can squeeze on in on our trip.


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                  It's too bad they moved up the date of the Chickasaw Reunion. There are a lot of cultural demonstrations that take place then, and it's a good opportunity to take in a lot of the culture. It used to be in early June, but now it's in mid May.

                  Red Earth powwow and festival in Oklahoma City is the first weekend in June.

                  I would come back to this site, though, a couple of months before you take your trip and check the Powwow Calendar for Oklahoma for the dates you're looking to visit and see what else is going on.


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