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Making a crown..advice plz?

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  • Making a crown..advice plz?

    Ok, so my idea for making this crown is as follows: beading it onto pellon, wood gluing it to felt or other fabric, then attaching that to a hide...also it needs to tie in back. Can anyone tell me if I'm doin this right and if not, plzzzz tell me what to do differently!!!!

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    Pretty good start, only the glue get away from wood glue, household goop spreads easier, stays plyable and holds for years! Plus once you spread it and press it firmly into place, you may never have it come apart. In fact for some of my beadowrk I attach the outside only, as I roll the beadwork onto the leather surface I put a dab here and there of goop, in 10 years never a problem! Good luck!
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      This is how I do it, "in no way am I saying any way is wrong" Juss how I do it. I bead on heavy weight pellon. I dont use glue and let me share with you why... Down the road the crown may need to be rebackd for what ever reason, redo, the leather got icky from sweat and dirt wich can happon rather quicky if worn alot, even if you use cloth it will get dirty as well. Ive had to try to re back a crown that the backing was gorilla glued down lemme tell ya it diddnt happon it did its job as far as making it stick!. I just clipd the leather backing cut out i had in the shape of the crown with clothes pins and moved them as I beaded the backing on with a rolld edge. OH and what I find helps smooth out yer piece is press it first on a light setting, sounds wierd but it looks real nice, I put a light towl in between my work and the iron. I have a crown in the gallery and on my profile pics check it out if you like. and please if you have any additional questions please feal free to ask..
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        I would have to say no glue, as well. Not to mention it's hard to glue layers that need to curve, like on a crown.

        Just make sure whatever you're beading on is stiff enough. If not, add a layer of heavy paper to the back - tacked in place. Or some kind of card stock or file folder. Or think of sandwiching something stiff in between the beading and buckskin backing.

        Good luck. is what it is...


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          I use plastic canvas, my dad had ALOT so he gave it to me, its works quite well as far as Im concernd and is easy to cut in what ever shape you need. Ive used it in several pieces. Please post some pics and let us know how your comming along..
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            I've never used glue for the reason that Eagle Plumes mentioned. I haven't used pellon either. I just use simple felt and paper. Instead of using leather for backing, I actually use floral cotton fabric with something sturdy in-between such as thick cardstock or an old cereal box. It's cost effective for me and it really works.

            If I have time, I'll scan a pic of of my niece's crown i just finished.
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              Thank you guys soooooooooo much!!!! So now I think my idea is to layer it like this?: design beaded onto heavy weight pellon, glue to heavy paper (like photo paper or something else), then attach leather and cotton fabric by using rolled stitch. Sound good?


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                Just swing by or yap @ me next time Ya see me someplace. I'll show ya'z!
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                  My sister makes crowns

                  She uses Baby Cloth. On the baby cloth she glues (with tacky glue) manilla folder on the back of the baby cloth and lets it dry. (Not a whole lot of glue though otherwise it will be super hard. The glue it used only so that the baby cloth doesn't wrinkle or fold up while beading so your beads are straight. When she's done beading the crown she puts plastic down and then another back layer of Baby Cloth. The Plastic is usually cut out ice cream bucket. To keep the crown up. I think she uses the plastic? I can't remember.
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                    Wow, all these ideas are great!!!! *pounces and hugz everyone*


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                      ok here's what I've heard...bead on "cardstock sandwich" as mentioned, but use a large Clorox bottle (big and round) cut out in the shape of the crown for the backing/base it helps the crown keep it's rounded shape. I haven't tried it but when I finally have time for a crown that's what I'm going to try. Apparently it helps the beads stay flatter when rounded (sometimes they get bumpy) It sounds like you are going to bead the flat type with the leather ties...that's a popular way to go too. Good luck I love to see a pic when ur the crowns:)


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                        To keep it round? friend wants it to tie in back, would it have to lay flat first?


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                          Originally posted by DancingFeather View Post
                          To keep it round? friend wants it to tie in back, would it have to lay flat first?
                          The two style are different. It sounds to me like she want the flat kind that has ties. This kind that is always round typically has an elastic back hidden by a back barrette/ medallion. If she want the flat kind than that's what I would do for her there have been lots of great tips from other beaders here.... the plastic canvas sounds like a winner:) Good luck with it...I'm sure it'll be great


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