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3 drop peyote stitch around rattle handle- starting

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  • 3 drop peyote stitch around rattle handle- starting

    Hi Everyone! Im new to this site. Everyone is probably sick of answering questions about peyote stitch, but heres one more, if anyone is feeling extra helpful!

    I did a nice bunch of 3 drop peyote stitch around a pipe stem I made about 10 years ago, but now im trying to do the same, 3 drop stitch around a gourd rattle handle I just made, and...
    1) I cant remember how I started out (10 years is too long!)
    2) No longer have the instruction book I probably used (I didnt have the internet then!)
    3) I can only find one decent graphic instruction by googling, and when I follow it, something seems not quite right after I get my third row of beads laid down.

    my question:

    3o beads make a complete loop around the handle, so I drop ten and wrap the remaining twenty around the handle.

    I pass the needle through the first bead, then pick up # 21, skip #2 and pass the needle through bead #3. I follow this around until I reach the starting point again.... then what?

    The instruction I am following says I then need to go back through the first bead AND another bead from the second row before starting the third row, and that I will need to "remember to go through two beads before starting each new row" but when I do that, things start looking funky.

    Can anyone analyze my situation (3-drop peyote stitch, it takes 30 beads to go around the handle) and try to explain how to start the first row(s)?

    I would be so grateful. Im getting a little frustrated and sad that I cant figure this out, even after having done it before. You can scroll down to see the pipestem beadwork I had done before, and the rattle im currently (trying!) to do by going to www.findermaker.blogspot.com


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