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  • All beadworkers pleas read

    I'm working on a project and undecided on how much I should charge. I was wonder how much you would charge for a set of moccasins and leggings if all supplies were provided. I was thinking around $800, is that asking for too much?? Thank you for your help!!!
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    Its not a bad price, what are you beading on and how complex is the design, I always figure that into my price.
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      That's about what I'd expect to pay. I've paid for several sets for my daughters and that's about the going rate for top quality work.
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        Dang I think I need to raise my prices! I am doing a set right now for a girl and for leggings, moccs and hairstuff I'm only charging her $775. Yeah I'm probably crazy but I don't have a whole lot of experience with leggings or moccs so I am cutting her a deal.


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          I know I need to charge more too!! Actually I need to bead more!
 is what it is...


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            ME too! Really need to git crackin on projects.

            Depending on who projects are for, prices may vary. If someone who is a really awesome person and i know they are quite poor, materials would be charged for but price for work would be minimum.
            Someone i don't know well that has cash to spend, i would try and make it more worth my time.

            Havent done too many large projects, SO many people feel they should be charged slave labor prices as if we bead in a sweatshop :(

            I spent 40 hours on a project once and people thought i was crazy asking $80 for it

            This is why i gift to friends and don't sell my wares to much

            Since the supplies are provided i would think between $3-7 per hour of work depending on complexitie.


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              A bit of advice. When doing special orders always agree on the price first. If they are suppling materials I try to get 1/4 of the price, 1/2 of the price if they do not, before even starting. Been burned once too many times before. Even by "friends".


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                I know what you mean about sweatshop always seems so expensive when you factor in the number of hours...probably cause we all make our own so our costs are only material. Seems crazy that people got that kinda money to spend...I know I am under charging my work but it seems so much...maybe we're all suckers
                Oh and agreed, good price.
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