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need help beginner beader

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  • need help beginner beader

    i am making a new fancy shawl outfit and i was wondering what some people use to actually bead on and what they put to hold it all together on the backing?

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    Some people use canvas, or duck cloth. They're inexpensive and work well a lot of the time. Pellon is good too, especially if you can get the really heavy kind, it's sort of like a stiff thick felt. Crib cloth (sometimes called baby lap pad, I think) is also popular with many people, although it's not breathable, so that can be not-so-great for things like leggings and mocs. My personal favourite is traditional tanned moose, it's expensive and you might smell a little like bacon, but it's awesome to work with.
    As for the backing, I've seen ultrasuede and white buckskin (for small stuff like braid ties), although for larger stuff I usually just pick a nice cotton calico. But, maybe I'm not really understanding what you have in mind.
    I know this subject has come up in the past, so you might want to look through the archives for some more suggestions.
    Good luck with your outfit!


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      hi I'm Shadow my daughter is teen fancy shawl dancer I'm working on her second regalia. you can bead directly on material I'm using satin I back it with felt to make it stiffer line it with lining material I use large ties in back and hook and eyes to hold together We did solid front for first one the yoke is stitched on to front :::for the new one it will be a vest with yoke it will have a zipper--I am beading on felt using a hoop and will sew on to yoke later and bead around it ;;good luck have fun AND DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING AYO


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        If you are doing a fully beaded outfit, then you can bead directly onto canvas or heavy duck cloth. When done beading, iron on some fabric adhesive like Heat-n-bond Lite and then fuse to it a cotton backing. Cut out your piece and bind the edges with bias tape.

        A partly beaded item is made much the same way except your canvas would be fused to the back side of whatever fabric you are beading on.

        As mentioned above, you can use Pellon or baby lap pad/crib cloth instead of the canvas. The idea is to give your beading some stability so it will lay flat and smooth.


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