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Beading Commercial Made Moccasins

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  • Beading Commercial Made Moccasins

    Question. Has anyone ever tried to bead those commerical made moccosins and if so how did it come out?

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    Havent tried to, but depending on thickness, yah might be better off beading on something and stitching it onto them, like at seams where bottom is attatched.

    Have seen fully beaded converse, but canvas is preety soft.

    Let us know if you attempt it, like to see finished product.


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      I see what you mean. Well Thanks for the input. I imagin it would be a little tougher to do. Which was why I asked. Just wanted to see how anyone else may have managed.


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        Ive seen pre-beaded pieces to fit onto moccs. Depending on the company some skins used just dont seem to bead needle friendly.
        I enjoy beading on hide, but go for quite soft pieces to use.

        If you decide to try that technique brainstorming is at your service O'er here :p


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          I beaded on commercial buckskin ONCE and I hated it!! Tore up my fingers!

          Yep, you're better off beading on something else and then attaching it to the moc.
 is what it is...


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            ok. Thanks for the input. I will definately keep your advice in mind. Take care all.


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              Making moccasins is not the hardest thing in the world. Granted, they may not fit perfectly, so best to try a sample pair first before beading. Most of the commercial mox I have seen are split cow hide. That stuff is just about the worst for beading. If you are going to do all that work why waste it on a crappy pair of shoes, just get some soft buckskin and make your own. Don't make it too difficult for yourself.


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