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    I don't post much here but always read things you post. I have a question for Blackbear or anyone that can help me out. I am just learning to do other type
    of beading and always come to your forums to see what I can learn. I just looked at your tutorial on backing for a barrette and love your instruction, my question is on the beading of the barrette.

    Is there any instruction on how to make these 3 circles like yours you made on your tutorial where you said you might enter it in the State Fair, its was pink, white, green. I have no clue how this is done, maybe you have a tutorial on the beading of the barrette...........

    Love the help you all give us neebies on beading as its hard to learn on your own.

    Thanks all,

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    Well, I'm not sure which barrettes of BB's you're talking about, but I'm assuming it's a 3 rosette barrette.

    If you're brand new to "tacking" or "applique" stitch, it's easiest to start the center by mounting a metal spot or a round rhinestone. Then set up 2 needles with thread. One thread will hold your beads and the other will tack it in place.

    So mount your center, or just use one needle, come up from the back side just slightly to the side of where your center will be and pick up a fat squarish or very round bead, push it into place, and put the needle down thru right next to the bead.

    Now your ready for your first row. Come back up half a beads-width from the center. Add your beads going around the center. If your center is a single bead, then it's usually 7 beads or so. You don't want to make the beads tight - you need to leave some wiggle room for your tacking stitches. Go back thru the first bead so you have a circle of beads. Hold it in place and use the other needle and come up from the back between the 2nd and 3rd beads, then go back down right on the other side of the bead thread. Repeat , tacking between every other bead.

    If it's cool, take the bead thread down right where it exits the bead then back up half a beads-width away from the first row and you're ready for the 2nd row. On the subsequent rows you can tack every 3rd bead instead of 2.

    I'll try to charge my camera and post some pics. GOOD LUCK!! is what it is...


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      Cool Wyo Rose and thanks for the imput, yes that's what they are called 3 rosette barrettes. I will give this a shot next week and start the beading then I will be asking further question on finishing it up. Also would like to know what is easiest to bead on in doing the rosette, material? for me a neebie.........

      I love these craft places where us who are trying to learn and carry on our heritage can with your all help. There are some expert beaders on here and I am so glad for your help.


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        Beading Barrettes???


        I am trying to bead barrettes?? I made some really nice barrettes on my loom then tried to sew leather on back along with metal barrette. When I sew the leather on the beadwork it gets distorted?? Do I use a loom to bead my barrettes or do I use pellon and just sew my bead work on pellon for barrettes?

        I aslo want to make the barrettes that have about 5 or so circles hooked together and can't find any instructions anywhere on how to do that.


        Thank you so much!!


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          Yes, you can loom barrettes, but as with most beadwork, you will need something to STABILIZE it.

          So, if you have you beadwork UNLOOMED and all your loose ends taken care of, put a piece of buckskin to go on the underside of the barrette, and cut a piece of stabilizer just a tad smaller than the beadwork. Stabilizer can be thin plastic, like from a margarine lid, or something similar. I have a few things stabilized with cardboard, and NO it doesn't hold up.

          Some people will glue or attach the stabilizer, especially on loomed work, since it's so easy to get distorted.

          Anyway, put the buckskin on the inside of the barrette, then the stabilizer, then top with the beadwork and whip stitch it all together. Then you can edge bead it...or not...:)

          For a 3-rosette barrette, do a center rosette as listed above, then on opposite sides of that middle rosette, place a bead right next to the outside row, and bead in arcs around it...making a total of 3 rosettes...all the same, or making the outer ones a little smaller.

          I know this thread is WORTHLESS WITHOUT PICS!!!
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 is what it is...


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            What exactly are you looking for? Are the designs going to be as a print or pattern... ?


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