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  • Beaded Knife Sheath

    I have beaded many items, but never a knife sheath. A friend has asked me to cover a sheath he already has with beadwork. I normally bead on pellon. Should I cut a piece to fit the sheath, bead on it, then glue it to the existing sheath? Then edge bead?

    Lazy stitch the design or applique beading? He doesn't have any design ideas, whatever I want is fine...

    Would it be better to create a new sheath with rawhide to cover?

    If you have any other ways to do this or suggestions, could you please share them? Thanks so much!

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    It kinda depends on the existing knife sheath. What is it made out of? Will a needle go through fairly easily?

    Lazy stitch is a good way to cover a finished item, as long as you can get a needle through.

    Applique is possible if you can take the item apart, AND you can get a needle through...easily!

    Most knife sheaths I've seen are only beaded on one side. That's where beading a separate panel would come in handy. I suggest beading on something a little more substantial than just pellon...maybe 2 layers of pellon, 1 layer of paper, cut to size and edged with bias tape (securely hand tacked). Use applique stitch in this case (sturdier).

    As much as I hate glue, this would be a good idea because it will tend to get some wear and tear. is what it is...


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      The sheath is made of thick leather, which is why I thought of beading on something else, then glueing it on. I think the problem would be trying to edge bead...


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        make a cover of buckskin that fit all away around the sheath, bead the front, glue the cover on and edge bead the sides


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          Great idea!
 is what it is...


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