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    I am not sure if anyone can help with this. I wish and hope you can. My friend made for me a what you would call tiara and crown when I was 8 years old. He did a gorgeous job on it. It is one of my prized posessions Unfortuntaly I am now going on 33 and its fell in disrepare I don't know if there is anyone there who knows how to fix it. The beads are falling off and the felt is falling to pieces in parts. I would really like to keep this and wear it again. Its a beautiful piece and I would hate to lose it. The man who made it for me is gettin on in years and unable to help me. He feels sad that this is happening to it. I can send a picture of it if you would like. This is my prized possession and I really when it started to fall apart I cried. If there is anyone out there who knows how to or knows of someone that can help me please let me know...

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    Wow, you need an expert. Your crown will probably need to be taken apart at the seams and restored.

    A picture would be good, along with a detailed description of how it's made. Is the front of the crown fully beaded? Is the felt that's falling off on the back?

    I bet someone could take apart the edge beading, take the whole crown apart, apply a new backing to the beadwork, secure all the loose beads, put the crown back together (even enlarge it to fit you now), and then redo the edge beading.

    This is a good lesson to beadworkers to use quality materials. Beaded items should be made for heirlooms, and last longer than 25 years. is what it is...


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      this is the crown. The beadwork is done on the felt and secured to plastic and the leather with edge beading I think. I don't know if it because its gotten older and worn a lot of the moths getting to the felt ... or what. Mom who has hers is fine ...she got hers the year after I got mine. I don't know. anyway here it is ..


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        Honestly, if the piece is irreplaceable you need to take it to an expert. Try contacting one of the local Native cultural centers, they may be able to point you toward someone.

        Akwesasne Cultural Center


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          I agree with the gals this piece needs to be taken to a expert and be restored. I would not even atempt to do this on my own.
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            I have contacted both sites that you have given me thank you. Yes it is irreplasable. It hurts that its damaged so much. I hope someone can help me ... we have our pow wow coming up in July I will be using my mothers most likely for competetion. Thank you so much.


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