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    SO- I think this is a dumb question - but I am going to ask it anyways.

    How do I make beaded rope?

    Not peyote stitch rope - but the kind that looks like beads on a string coiled around a piece of rope.

    It cant be that easy?

    Hope someone can help me out here!!

    Are you taking me to sizzler??

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    Somewhere on here is the direction for wrap stitch, but basically you start with a loop of beads that goes around the rope just right...maybe a little snug....NOT bunched up.

    The thread should go back thru the first bead so it makes a true circle. Cinch it up on the rope and tack it down, going thru the whole rope, then between two beads, across the thread between those beads and back down and out the other side between two other beads. Continue until the whole first row is tacked down GOOD.

    To start the 2nd row, come out a beads width from the first row. Put on your beads, go around the rope and back thru the first bead of that row. This row doesn't need to be tacked down, just go clear thru the rope and back out the other side down where the 3rd row will start.

    Continue and then tack down the very last row like the first one. Good luck! is what it is...


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      Cool....thanks!! I think i can do it now... :)
      Are you taking me to sizzler??


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        There is also a second way of doing this, take four beads only, string them on your thread and angle the beads around the rope, then go into the rope and attach, then go to the second of the four beads and go down through the next 4 beads, then attach to the rope again, then go to the 2nd bead of the second strand and again add 4 beads. By staggering the thread lower and lower through the next row of beads it will not only wrap around it will slowly curve all the way around and look like a spiral! You can do this with more or less beads depending on the size of the rope and the size of the beads!
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          Here's a link to the other wrapped beading thread:

          There's even some pics and stuff.
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