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    for smoothing the quills ive been told to burnesh them down with the back side of a spoon.

    The older I get the less of a deterrent life without parole gets


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      Thanks for the input. Yeah, this is merely a practice piece.

      The crowding problem was one I also had when learning beadwork. It took me a while to get over that tendency.
      I think some of the unevenness in my quilling stems from the fact that its difficult to get the quill to bend exactly where I want it to. Any tips on that?


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        hehehe.... the needle, grasshopper, the needle is the secret.
        i used the needle to hold down on the stitched end of the quill, and manuvered the free end to right where it needed to be for the next stich. and then i put a finger on the quill where i had folded it over the needle ,pull the needle back and creased it. not easy for me useing big hands to do such small work but i get it done

        The older I get the less of a deterrent life without parole gets


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          whew been busy!

          very busy, in fact almost done w/ this semester of classes i think we have like 5 weeks left..
          anyhow, I have been working on a few projects. I have been taking the "Traditional Lakota Arts II" class and here is a project I have been working on, it is a "strike-a-light" bag, it is beaded and when finished quilled. It is constructed with a brain-tanned buckskin that a friend "traded" me. Actually I let him borrow my automotive trouble code reader, and a few tools to work on his toyota.

          Anyhow here is a pic of the progress I have done.

          okay here's a photobucket link..
          <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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            Originally posted by FluteMaker View Post
            for smoothing the quills ive been told to burnesh them down with the back side of a spoon.
            Kwey Kwey all! Well as a tool I use a piece of deer antler that I put on a bench grinder and shaped to a curved flat surface on one side and a sharp creasing tool on the other end. It has been in use for many years.
            Folding quills gets easier with this and stops the movement of quills too!
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              another line...

              put another line here.. my next one will be yellow.. maybe with white either diamond in there or dual color zig zag.. i am not to sure yet..

              <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


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                Hey it's been a long time since you gave me advice on quill work I was off line for a while and came across my question and your answer for me it helped alot. I back with POW under silver turtle. the old one was sugarcrm. well also have a question I'm trying to learn how to wrap and try to apply to leather cant find any decent books want to make small projects earrings and such any help?
                thanks again.


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                  Yeah books for quillwork can actually be kind of confusing. But.. I do have somewhat of a solution. I do have some books, I'll look through them, maybe scan them or photograph them and upload some of the basics here.. I have a bad memory.. lmao so you may have to PM me or remind me. Anyways, the best thing is to find someone who knows how to do quillwork, and sit down with them and learn the whole thing.

                  I learned from pulling quills of the porcupine, washing them, rinsing, dying them, sorting them, etc.. to how to wrap, how to embroider them.. etc.

                  Once you learn the basics, you will appreciated it more I think.

                  But all in all nothing replaces someone actually teaching you what they learned. It makes the experience alot smoother and also questions can be answered right then and there.

                  Too bad your not back in South Dakota, or I could show you myself, or in fact get you in touch with my Instructor, who has no problem at all passing down this fine art.

                  All in all good luck! I need to start getting to work on my next quill project. Just have to gather some quills.


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                    Keep pressing them regularly until they're dry. Or put them in a press. A large book over a couple layers of flannel works great.


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                      Thanks for the help, I'll keep on keeping on! ouch oh that was a quill LOL, anyway I appreciate you and everyone here your all like extended family to me when every I need help someone always steps into the arena so to speak.
                      Thanks again.


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                        Quill Pressing

                        I discovered something new hope it might help someone, after soaking the quills take them out of the water line a small bunch up little space between them hit them with a hot steam iron for a bit this helps burnishing a little easy then them I line them up with a little space between about 5 - 8 inchs long and cover with a bandana then put the iron to it with high stem then swicth to non steam repeat this process until you get the desired effect you want.


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                          I have dabbled only a bit in quillwork.

                          In Ohio There are not many Porkys

                          SO I am constantly on the lookout for sellers or natural and dyed quills.

                          I love working with them!!!
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                            Hey, thankya for this. Only have made earrings and necklace so far, but would like to try stitching.
                            Relate to ouch! Always seem to leave a couple unsnipped ones on the floor. But there's something neat about quills that makes that pain not matter.


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                              OHO!!! Gotta try this one!

                              (the iron method, I mean)
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                     is what it is...


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                                this is very nice,it just takes practice to make it be straight and you have a very nice blue.keep going, my grand daughter is 9 and she does good quillwork.She helps me pull quills and we just take them out by the hand. Today is a good cool day and in North Dakota the porcupines are moving alot in the fall. Now and during the winter the porcupines quills are best because the are storing fat for the winter.Its so fun to read about the interest, I only take the quills from the back or the sides, others are too small for my use.


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