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  • Loose Rhinestones

    I'm making some earrings for my new beadwork and plus christmas presents this year. I have the big rhinestones to go in the middle for some of them and then the little ones to outline the outside of beadwork and there the loose ones. While I can't seem to get them to stick. I have tried to the clear tacky glue and one other glue and none of them stuck with the glue. So I was wondering how can I get them to stick so they won't come loose anymore!?

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    They make glue just for rhinestones and other gem. Gem-Tac or there's another that I have with JEWEL in the name. is what it is...


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      When all else fails, E-6000. Just a dab on a toothpick should do the trick. You are letting them set for a while after you glue them, aren't you? The glue needs a chance to cure well.
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        Originally posted by subeeds View Post
        When all else fails, E-6000. Just a dab on a toothpick should do the trick. You are letting them set for a while after you glue them, aren't you? The glue needs a chance to cure well.
        Never forget the magic glue,,, GOOP!! works really well for all occasions and all uses!!
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          Thanks everyone!! Oh yes I always let them set for a few hours after I put the glue on (that always goes for anything I glue). I will have to check the glues out next time I go to the store again.


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            I love my little tiny hot fix gun I got with the accompanying rhinestones. Most are tiny, but they're so easy to use. The bigger ones aren't that big, but nice for small earrings and such.
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              Since I deal quite a lot with conservation of fine art, museum pieces and artifacts with respect to their repatriation to their tribes, I'm a huge advocate of always using archival safe materials. (some museums tender the arguments that to release the item may cause it's destruction as it is not stable - ie falling apart because of conservation issues).

              I always use archival safe glues such as Acrylic Medium. It won't stain, cause a material break down or damage the surrounding mediums - beads, shells, metals etc and it's mega strong on the holding power. While the glues mentioned above are great for strength etc, the long term damage that they may cause the hides, backings and beads make them suspect to being a conservation nightmare.
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                Hmmm....I'll have to look for that, especially for the REAL crystal rhinestones that I picked up. I have a lot of the other FAKE rhinestones that this gem tac would work for.
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                  I use the e 6000, then I clamp it makeing sure the glue isnt on the clamp. I also use gorilla glue, that stuff will grow so a lil dab will do yah. I clamp that as well. I use it for the gems as well as mirrors. Ive never had a problem with them not staying.
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