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    Hay i'm in midst of doing something new to me. gunna be using bugles as a background color on pair of womens leggings. so before i make an order, how much bugles do i need for pair of leggings. im planning on using size 12 and 9 cuts for the outline and filler design. also , for leggings im beading on that stiffy felt like umm stabilizer and whats best to back it up with . i was thinking duck cloth but anything else that would hold up really good?

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    Just a guess, but I'm gonna say that a hank of size 3 bugle beads would cover about 7 square inches.

    Remember that bugle beads have a sharper edge than seed beads and the metallic shiny ones get tarnished from the inside out when exposed to any moisture. is what it is...


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      i did some research this was was after i posted this thread. i think for right now im just gunna stick to what i normally use for leggings. there was this one lady long long ago who made leggings for me outta mixture of bugles and cuts and i loaned them to a friend and well i bet by now there pretty well tarnished. but i thought at first they looked pretty snazzy . ill stick to my cuts and charlottes rather than fiddlin around with bugles. but ty for yar post and help.


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        you can use both bugle beads and seeds. just dont use the metallic ones or see thru ones. after a bit they do turn if used for hairties or necklaces. i have a friend who has a crown made out of both and she's had it over 13 yrs and still looks like new. it just depends on how you take care of your things i guess. but i do think it will be ok for leggings since it's not in the sun as much as other beadwork items. also another helpful item i use to avoid sun damage is a thin coat of clear nail polish after you are done. hope this helps and i hope you share a pic of the finished item.good luck
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