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  • Beading


    I am designing a clothing line and would like to incorporate some beading in the designs. I am looking for artists or a coop that specializes in seed bead work that would be interested in working on this project. Thank you.


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    Sounds interesting, I would like to know more about the project as I am always looking for new things to bead. send me an email @ djangothompson[MENTION=40822]yahoo[/MENTION].com


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      What exactly are you looking for? Are the designs going to be as a print or pattern... ?
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        Bead work

        Sounds interesting; I primarily work with 13/0 cut and 12/0 tri cut beads. What kind of bead work are looking for? large surface areas or small detailed work?


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          I been busy with open enrollment and then family stuff, so yes, I been meaning to pull out all of my unfinished projects and set up my table soon as it gets a tad bit warmer...but a tad bit warmer means the yanno...I also wanted to get in some fishin this year...i'm still working on it though! lol


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            Material or a part or a piece consisting of a bead is beading. It is mostly used to cover the expansion gap that has been left around the perimeter of the room.


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