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I made fake plumes for a craft fair

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    THis is a great idea - I really want to see a picture :0)


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      If the pics you post are going to be of something you are selling or hoping to take orders for.. please post it in the Trading Post area. It's free and keeps the discussion threads free of "ads". thanks!
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        You should tutorial this. I was wondering if u will be posting step by step posting.

        Originally posted by Sierrahawk View Post
        Hi, just throwing in my two cents worth of info. I looked at the gorgeous fluffs the fancy dancers would wear and wondered how they made the cindrical fluffy effect. So one day..a nice championdancer told me how she made hers. She said she used thin popsicle sticks or bamboo sticks for kebobs. She said get white thick thread or invisible thred. Tie it tight to the top. Chose your style of feather..tipped with black or all white. Start wrapping this feather, from the stalky base to the tip of the stick.wrap it good, choose your nextfeather, and so on. I made a killing and I had a feather plume made in 5 minutes that was worthy of a craft sale. Fun!


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          This would be a great tutorial if it had pics.

          I really need to make some little girls fluffs this year and need a visual aid first.
 is what it is...


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            you mention you use the fake maribou fluffs. Are those the ones they sell at wal-mart? Do you use glue? What kind? Do u use glue to stick on the fake maribou fluffs?

            Originally posted by Sierrahawk View Post
            Sorry everyone. I have no cp...and trying to get access to a digital camera. Just a poor crafter trying to make do. I hope to have it online soon. Thanks.
            Meet me in the garden..your plumes were wonderful. i just use the fake maribou fluffs. Depends on what stick i use..a bamboo stick is smaller in fluff but put two together and they rock.


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