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  • Bead color suggestions

    Hope everyone is doing well. I am look for suggestions on a bead color. I am thinking about doing a men's Traditional beadwork set with yellow as the background color. Does anyone have a suggestion for a yellow color that does not resemble a lemon? I get most of my beads from Crazy Crow if that helps. I greatlly appreciate your suggestions.


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    How about Amber glass beads. They look impressive and the sun really reflects off them well. They come in all sizes and have a silver core. Right now I am using those beads for a medicine bag for a lady that has two left hands and two right feet.
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      tcumonster there are a lot of yellows out there, but you may try looking in other places besides crazy crow. Shipwreck beads, fire mountain gems (both of those are on the net) and a few other places offer several choices.

      Some ides to look for would be old time colors like mustard yellow, greasy yellow, or corn yellow. I'm not real big on the lemon yellow either. I used a corn yellow in the center section of my eagle belt that is in the gallery and a light yellow for the eye of the eagle. Maybe help give you a couple ideas what those look like. But for a nice old style tradish set mustard or greasy yellow would look real sharp!!!

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        Just got into using satin beads as accents within a design. They're 'spensive an really cool, but using 00 nymo I find they fray the thread. Had to use shorter lengths of thread to avoid problems down the road.


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