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Where do you buy your Beads?

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  • Where do you buy your Beads?

    I buy from Berger's in L.A and Boheime's across the street. The ndn store in Escondido. It's rare that I order from a catalog. I have to see what I'm buying.;)

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    I have to order out of town, otherwise I end up paying WAY too much for them. I mainly order from Crazy Crow.
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      Crazy Crow or eBay
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        I bought from Supernaw's online and going to try
        netbeads prices are in Canadian so you need to convert to us dollars and they give you the currency conversion tool right there.


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          Buffalo Chips, Shipwreck, and fire moutain gems;)

          Can't forget the vendors at the powwows if their prices are good and they have what I want:D
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            I usually order from Shipwreck or when I make it to California, I go to Berger's. And I usually buy beads here and there at pow wows when I see colors I like.



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              When I buy in bulk, I like to buy from Elliott Greenes in Manhattan or else Shipwreck Beads in WA. Kind of ironic for a Native to buy beads in Manhattan but they have good deals there. :)


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                Hi :)
                I am new here... I used to do beading and jewelery quite along time ago, but it was just for fun.

                I used the small tiny glass beads, a loom I made, and these long very thin specialized needles (that bent with your fingers pressure).

                I bought them at the local craft shop but have never really seen a catalog for the.

                I'd be interested in teaching my daughters - so am curious also - 'where'.



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                    Locally as much as possible.
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                      I'm get them all over. There are a great shops here where I live, in Duluth--love the stores there and sort of bias to one as the owner is from my rez, and once from CrazyCrow, but mainly from where I live now. Oh, sometimes powwows too.
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                        up north here I get mine from either John Bead Company in's a warehouse but if you have a STatus or Metis ID they will give you free membership...and they have everything and I mean everything....

                        Also Iroqrafts "down the bush" ...that is six nay.... they aren't the best quality but they do have other things like hides, bells, feathers and silver badges.


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                          I usually by from Supernaw, Crazy Crow or Elliott Greene's. I've bought from Wandering Bull before also


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                            Originally posted by dance till you die
                            Rex always has a good selection ;)


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