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    what type of beading would you use around an flat fan handle? and how do you do that type of beading ?

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    I have seen peyote on handles and feathers and such.

    I believe that is the site, they have it on there. I think they call it brick stitch.
    I didn't do it, honestly. I have burned all the proof.


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      Gourd stitch works well. But you can also do "wrapping", where the bead look like they have been wrapped around the handle. The beads are sewn with what one of my teachers called running stitch. You pick up 4 or 6 beads go back through the leather and come up in the middle under the beads and go back through. See the drawing below:
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        I have beaded a lot of fan handles in gourd stitch or brick work. Both work equally as well however brickstitch does take a little more time.


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