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who were u taught by to bead?

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  • who were u taught by to bead?

    i was wondering if you were taught to bead by a family member, a friend or if u self-taught urselves. the different styles of beading and everything. i am learning and i really don't have anyone to show me, i try reading the lessons on line, but it's kind of confusing for me, i have to see what is happening, and what u loop, and how u knot, and how much wax is applied, etc.
    taught by a family member
    taught by a friend
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    My answer would have to be all 3. And I'm still learning. There are several good videos in the shop. And you can always ask questions here!!!!!
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      the other day a friend was explaining something about crossing the beads with the thread or something like that but i couldn't get it. somewhere i read that you get a bead, and leave about 6 inches for a tail, and you wrap it around with the thread again, and then you sew it through the fabric, and you go back to the front, and pick up a bead, but u leave the first one unsewed onto the fabric, i'm not sure how to explain it, but the point is that i didn't understand really, i'm one of those that i need to watch, and i will get a video to learn. and i have also read the threads on the beadwork forum, and i have picked up on some stuff but it would be more useful to have the materials to read and follow the steps as i go along. now, a loom is a contraption that some bead works are done on?
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        Hey everybody,

        This is the first time I've posted here. Actually I think I may've been a member a long time ago, but I don't even remember what screen name I used. I've just been looking around in here not entirely sure where to jump in, this thread looked like a good place to tell some embarassing stories about myself.

        Nobody taught me how to bead, and it surely shows. I used to just loom bead stuff, I never made any patterns or anything before I started, I would just start, the only problem was I never knew what to do with them since that's about all I knew how to do. Some of them I would just keep beading and beading until it got really long, and again, didn't really have any idea what I was doing it for.

        Then I ran out of the right kind of thread, so I foolishly tried a different kind that was way too thick, I made it through half of one of these, whatever they were supposed to be for, pieces and the thread got stuck, really stuck.

        I pulled and pulled with all my might and it exploded, I mean EXPLODED, those little beads were moving so fast I swear there must still be some embedded in my skin, imagine that, seed bead shrapnel. Then just to give you an idea how boring my life was at the time and how destitute I was, and how much I wanted to continue making these odd beading things....

        ...I didn't have any money to buy more supplies so I took a pair of tweezers and started picking up every bead I could find out of my carpet in my room, yes that's right, I went completely insane.

        Good night everybody!


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          Here you go ..... chirapachegurl

          this site makes it easy as pie!

          The Guide to Beadwork online book has chapters with step-by-step instructions for learning the basics of seed bead stitching: Intro and Names Beading

          And to answer your question, self taught and taught by my Elder, she showed me how to do freehand loomwork withouth the loom!! It is known as the wampum stitch.
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            My Grandmother (the one that recently passed) and my aunt Alecia got me started and taught me about a 1/4 of what i know, and the rest was self taught or shown by others. Well a good 50% is self taught I would have to say. I jsut understand beading manuals well I guess, and I can pick something up and learn how they did it by looking at it.
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              My mom bought us kids a loom, left us with instructions to go have fun. I can't remember if she had to "thread" it up for us or not. Anyway just learned by doing.
              One book thats easy is called "Beading Techniques"by Jane Davis. It has step by step instructions to most of the beading stitches, 'cept gourd. The pictures are easy to follow an in the back are all types of graph paper so you can do your own patterns.
              I'm still learning, read Bead and Button magazine, mostly for inspiration...LOL!
              Hey!!?? Is wampum stitch the same as square-stitch?
              Just wondering...


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                Grandma, Sister and then I've learned some new stuff on my own. But the majority from my family members. My sisters and I were "banned" from beading when we were younger as we thought it was more fun and exciting to throw the beads in the air and let them drop into the carpet. Then we would see how many beads we could find. We were young. :D
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                  that one story picking up the beads with tweezers from the carpet really made me laugh out loud everyone at my house was wondering if i was having a naughty internet chat, or what??? :37: hahaha, that was so funny, i'll probably be sleeping and remember that and start laughing. well thank you all so much for the suggested liturature, i will read them, and keep u guys up to date as to how it's going. oh, btw, i live in the city, i was wondering if i could buy beading supplies like at michaels', a craft store, or would u suggest from the internet like auntiebeadies, something like that, i can't quite remember, i get instant amnesia, you have to forgive me for that. :Thinking
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                    Just starting out if you are doing small projects getting beads from Michaels might be ok, easy to run down the street if you run out of something. But I wouldn't use beads from anyplace like that for very long. I order my beads from lots of different places depending on the quality of the beads I get from supplier, availability, and cost. I get beads from places like
                    A complete source of quality supplies for making Native American Indian crafts, Native American Indian cultural arts, and dance clothing. Beads, beading supplies, jewelry findings, feathers, leather, and kits focus on materials and information to make both traditional and contemporary Native American crafts and powwow dance clothing. Free instructional Learning Circle downloads and videos are available on this site.

                    buffalo chips which doesn't have a website
                    The things you are doing today are the traditions of twenty-five years from now.
                    -Daryl Baldwin: Miami



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                      oh yeah, i recall a member by the name of Big Cheeks recommending nocbay, and crazy crow to me, also for material to make moc's from. but just for starters i want to start out with like really basic colors, nothing fancy, like when a beginner artist makes their first drawing or painting they don't use their best paint, and brushes and canvases, just for practice i meant. but when i start to bead accessories, and anything i wish, then i think it would be appropriate to use the best beads and materials. oooooh, i can't wait. :Blush oh, question, what type of beading do u think would be easier to start out with?
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                        It's my birthday, whach'all get me? Ah..jeez...underwear AGAIN!

                        Man I'm 24 now, that kinda sucks, I hate gettin' older

                        I'm havin' nightmares about beads, there everywhere! No matter how many I pick up with my tweezers more just keep raining down!


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                          me i got showen how sorta and then im learing as im brading my own out fit!:D


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                            I was taught along time ago by my me'na'na an mom . Then lost the bead thread in my memory an the past two years have been relearing like crazy . I gotta bead every day or my life is not complete. Black Bear is a real good source of information as many are on here but she helped me the most when I first came here . Sometimes I need someone to sit an show me over an over then I get it other times I can pick it up an say yeah I can do that .
                            Off loom for us is the square stich . I use to like that but now I am into applique beading an loom its an illness I Tell you an the loom thing is all spottedealges fault lol j/k

                            Happy Birthday birthday person .. Mine is Dec 25th an I know spottedeagle , mato an blackbear are giving me something real special lol j/k I dont do birthdays for my birthday I will be brain tanning lmao what a gift!
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                              yeah, i'm like that too, i want to sit with someone so that i can be taught. i learn by watching actually. i am still on the mission of going out to michaels and getting just something to practice on. would it be better to start off with a pattern? the other day i went to Walgreens and i saw a x-mas beaded pouch and i wanted to buy it, and take it apart carefully to see how it was beaded, but i didn't.
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