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  • teeny tiny beads


    Does anyone know where I can get really teeny tiny beads? I've looked online a little but get color descriptions... no pics... :(

    I'm looking for size 20-24 amber colored beads and some other antique colors for dolls.

    Any leads?


    Haudenosaunee Hotties & Hunnies

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    Check out the Prairie Edge, in Rapid City, South Dakota.
    They have a craft store attached to it also. I think its the Sioux trading post. They have a website i don't know exactly what it is right at the moment.
    When I was there a couple months ago, they had some beads there that looked like a bag of sand I think that is what you may be looking for.
    when I find the card I will put the address on here for you.

    They also have old italian seed beads also there is a whole floor that has nothing but Italian seed beads. They are a little pricey but again they all look nice.

    If you get in touch with them they have catalogs you can request.
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      I'll be waiting for the address! Thanks!!

      Haudenosaunee Hotties & Hunnies


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        There's a bead store here in LV called Luv R Beads, don't know if they have a website or not and they carry all kinds of beads. My auntie gets her 18's there. I'll check to see if they have web site or toll free # for ya.


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          Has 'em done to size 24.


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            they have a selection that you probably wouldn't believe and they are very reasonable.
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              saw some antique ones at the shop yesterday,but they only had them in white and gray
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                Dunno about antique beads, maybe you could substitute miyuki delicas?
       has an online color catalog...the beads are just a hair larger than 22's.
                just an idea.....
                Oh check around by looking up delicas....the beadbox sells by 5 gram containers...Jane's beads out of tenn. sells by 7 or 10 gram. approx 2000 beads in a 7 gram pkg.
                I love the beadbox purples, but I gotta REALLY need them to pay that much.


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                  u can go to shipreck beads! it in the U.S.A thats were i got my 11s from and there tinny!:Chatter


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