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help with Peyote stitch

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  • help with Peyote stitch

    I am going to try my hand at peyote stitching I have some instructions but not sure what kind of beads to use should I use regular seed beads or pony beads???

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    Seedbeads;). When my dad taught me I started with a pencil wrapped in a couple layers of felt. Nothing real big or fancy.
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      A friend of mine uses crow beads and beads on paper towel rolls to demonstrate the technique to people.

      To pick up the technique, I'd say try your nand with larger seed beads (like 10/o). Keep in mind that this is just to learn the principle behind Peyote/Gourd stitch. Personally, I won't do any projects with beads bigger than a 12/0, and usually use 13/0 cuts.

      BTW, Full Circle's videos are excellent tools to learn the actual processes of beading. They also give good museum examples to view.


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        The smaller the better. 13/0 cuts or 14/0 are real nice. The small bead open up less as they go around tight curves. You also get smaller gaps during expansion.

        I have a friend who does artsy stuff -- wine glass stems, wedding cake knife handles, napkin rings -- with Miyuki 15/0's which have huge holes and are somewhat squarish (and ungodly expensive). They work up fast but you have to use really thick thread to get the work tight.

        Good luck with your work. Don't forget the pictures when you're done:)



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          Peyote stitch

          my wife just learned the peyote stitch or brick stitch , the word stitch indicates that the beads as they are strung are stitched to cloth or leather. the person who taught her said that it was ok to just string the beads until you got the length and width right and then sew them to cloth or leather I'm confused which is right?¿


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            Which did she learn? Peyote/Gourd Stitch or Brick Stitch? They're two distinct and different techniques.

            The method of Peyote Stitch that I learned only stitched through the backing material when you start a new thread. The beadwork is a woven beadwork like loom beadwork. I've seen peyote stitch that uses no backing at all.


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              I think the brick stitch


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                stitch refers to how you attach the beads.. not attach the beads to backing or leather. Both stitches, brick and peyote are off loom stitches that do not require backing or something to sew it to.

                So, did she learn brick: The beads are added by the thread being looped between the beads and under a thread like stacking of bricks hence the name...

                OR peyote: beads are added on one at a time with the thread going through beads instead between them.
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                  I guess then it was the brick stitch, but the elder that taught her told her it was peyote


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                    ah well... so she got the terminology wrong. She learned it is what counts right?

                    Hey anyone know where them birthday cakes in my avatar came from??? My birthday is'nt till this weekend!
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                      ;) you betcha


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