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Gourd Rattle-need help

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  • Gourd Rattle-need help

    I saw a gourd rattle that had beads on the outside. The beads were done in, what looked like, peyote stitch.

    The beading looked like netting that came down over the gourd, loosely. Had a beautiful sound.

    What I can't figure out or find instructions for is how to make the beaded netting.

    Can anyone help?


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    If I am not mistaken what you are referring to is an African musical instrument that is made from a large bird house type gourd covered in a netting done in beads or shells. I am not sure I have ever seen instruction in any native sight on how to make that netting but is it should be no different from other netting just on a larger scale.

    Check the archives, if memory serves me correct there was a thread about the netting collars used by the Choctaw and others.

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      Yes, it is on a large birdhouse type gourd.

      Thank you for the reply.


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        Here's a few links to get you started. You just kinda got to figure out your own pattern as it goes.. if I remember , I have half of a beaded egg done and I'll take a pic and show you
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          Thanks for the links.

          I was able to find a few sites about this. And it does seem to be an African thing.

          It helped me alot to know what it was called and what to search for.....



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