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  • a beadwork sampler

    Has anyone around here ever made a beadwork sampler? I am thinking about doing something like that to try out new designs. This idea is coming from the July/August 1998 issue of PieceWork magazine in which they cover several things like beadwork, quillwork, baskets, quilting, making dolls, and other such topics. In the article about beadwork, Mary Armstrong, a Southern Cheyenne beadworker, talks about a beadwork sampler of her mother's designs from the 1930's. This is what she told the interviewer.

    "Peolple have always said Cheyenne beadwork was outstanding. Full-beaded moccasins, twenty-two (rows of beads) high. All that work that goes into the outfits. People used to even bead bedspreaads and make beaded pillows. In the old days, when people hung a beaded strip from the pyramid poles of the tipi, you knew a young girl lived there. If there was fourteen hooves decorated with corn, a young teenage boy lived in the tipi."

    If I work on a beadwork sampler, I plan to hang it up as a wallhanging. Would it put too much stress on the beadwork if I did this? Also, I was wondering if a regular curtain rod might be able to withstand the weight of all the beads, or would I be better off with a wooden dowel rod? I know I won't be getting started on this project any time too soon as I already have a few projects in the works. What do you all think? I'm open to all suggestions.

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    The beadwork samplers that I have seen were never large enough to have those kind of issues. Each design was small or just part of the full design, and the samplers usually contain "family designs". Are you planning on doing a very large one?


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      I'm glad somebody knows what I am talking about. As for size, I was thinking about the size of my metal rod. The rod is one which was one of my mom's disgards. It is about 16" long, has loops at the ends, and was made to be expandable. (I think that for my project 16" is wide enough.) Do you thing that 16"x16" would be too big?
      What do you think of this? Would it be better to use that crib pad material to bead on since I would like to hang my work up?


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