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    could someone tell a good place to get exotic feathers(macaw, cockatoo, parrot, etc.). tired of trying for them on ebay. Help a brother out!!!!!!

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    where to get exotics

    I have been lucky to find some of those feathers at zoos and at pet stores. If you are a regular at those places, sometimes the owner or curator will save those molted feathers for you and either give them to you free or sell them to you real cheap. of course, if they give them free, you need to make sure you buy something at the store or give the person a gift. I gave some beaded earring to a lady that gave me a bunch of parrot feathers one time. We both were happy with the deal.


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      There's a dealer in TX named Tom Reed, he has pretty good feathers -- scarlets, blue and golds, hyecanth (sp). He may be a bit picked over about now. He usually runs out of scarlet centers after Denver March.

      Anyway, PM me and I'll send you his number and addy.


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        Also if you do the zoo... you could do something nice and "adopt" an animal in thanks for the feathers.. or a monotory donation for helping the zoo buy feed for the birds... just a thought.
        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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          Sending A Donation To A Zoo Or A Gift To A Pet Store Is A Great Idea For The Feather Exchange Like The Good Tips I Would Like The Feather Dealers Address From Tx Plz


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