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Hair Roach construction

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  • Hair Roach construction

    Hi Again,

    I am making a hair roach from a kit that I got from Crazy Crow. The instructions which came with the kit are very vague in a couple of places. The procedure for pinning and sewing the hair cord to the base is my problem. I asked Crazy Crow to clairify and all I got from them was that there was a video for $20 available. I don't want to have to pay another $20.00 on top of the $20 I spent for the kit. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this little problem and give a brief set of instructions on how to pin the hair to the base and then sew it on.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    My advice would have been to throw away that kit, but seriously did the kit come with a cord or yarn base? If it is cord I would suggest pitching it and making one out of yarn. It is much more forgiving to someone making a roach from a kit.

    As for pinning and sewing the tied rows of hair to the base, it is pretty much just what it sounds like. You see pinning the rows of hair to the side of the base is only to hold it in place and make it easier to sew up. All you do is start in the center of the hair row and put that eight up front. Then work your way around and back to the end of the tail pinning down as you go. Once it is pinned down then start back up front in the center and sew it down one side working your to the end of the tail, then the other side. The put it on a bat and shape it.

    Hope that helps.

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      Thanks powwowbum49, for the help. I thought from the way they were talking in the instructions there was a special way to pin and sew. I am thinking I'll thry the yarn base. Thanks again


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        Another warning.

        Their instructions tell you to sew into the knots securing the porky hair to the base cord. Be very careful. You can cut the thread, and will definately sever some porky hairs. I found it easier to go over the base cord when the needle is coming out of the roach base.

        When the needle next passes into the roach base you can go into the knot or just below the knot. Since you can see what you are doing it rarely cuts. I usually attempt to work the needle between the knot and the base cord.


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          Hair roach construction

          Thanks for your tip Chazbot, I appreciate the help from you and Powwowbum49. Now I just have to get to sewing the hair to the base.


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            Thought maybe I could help but you have already gained very valuable info. The only thing I can say now is that sewing to the base is similar to sewing tops no mocs. Be careful in centering your rows and sew one side at a time. Again I must say that centering your rows is very very important. If you have deer hair inside it will be more forgiving than the porky.

            Good luck.


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