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cuffs for gourd dance

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  • cuffs for gourd dance

    I noticed that we have a few hairdressers in here. Do they still sell short rollers in The shops for hairdressers. They are about half the size of a regular roller. They make great cuffs, etc. I haven't seen them in general stores in a number of years.

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    Try going to some garage sales that elder women are holding. Sometimes you can find all kinds of neat stuff. This could even include beads. I have seen these type of rollers at some around here.

    Good luck and happy hunting!!!!!!


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      Thanks. Cherosage Had not thought about yard sales. Having the beadwork slide on and off makes it great when you want to wash the sash.


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        Rollers?:Thinking Now how can you make cuffs out of rollers?
        Is that for an ity-bitty wrist or something?
        Please tell me !!!!!!!!!!!


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          They go on the end of gourd dance sashes between the material and the fringe or as a slide. The long ones seem out of proportion.


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            try using film container and cutting out the bottom, or you can use pill bottles, if you talk with a pharmicist, they have numerous different sizes and are usually willing to part with a few for free or a small fee.:)


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              Try Sally's Beauty Supply. Sometimes you can find them at the ethnic hair care shops around town. Sally's can be a little expensive on some things though...

              Hope it helps :)
              SHAKE IT!!!!


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                Thank you all for the help. I would have never thought about the pill bottles. Better keep all the film containers. With all the digital camera stuff comng out they may get scarce too.


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                  Gourd Sash Beading

                  The 35mm film containers with bottoms cut out work very well for me. Personally, I don't care for the really longer beaded slides. Tesides coming on and off easy to clean the sash, you can drill a small hole at the bottom of the plastic slide and run one strand of fringe through it to be sure everything stays where it is supposed to during the dance.

                  P. S. Where in Fl. is your town? I'm always looking for new places near So. Mississippi to dance.


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