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How To Fix Small Feathers To Wear

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  • How To Fix Small Feathers To Wear

    I have several small feathers, and I would like to wear them. How would I fix/attach etc, so that I could wear them? I have four of them and have seen other dancers wear smaller feathers, and they look great! Would look even better with my plumes!:)

    Just not sure how to go about it

    Either pm or email me!

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    I need to know how you are wanting to wear/use them before I can help with how they need to be mounted. Are you wanting them to hang on the side of the head in a cluster? Where are you wanting to wear them, in your hair? Are you planning on attaching them to a quilled wheel or a beaded medallion? Do you want them to clip in or tie in to your hair?

    I just need a little more info then I can help out!

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      I'm not sure how big (or little) these feather are, but my friend showed me how to put them together to wear in the hair.

      Sew a piece of hide tightly around the stem of the feather, so that there is extra hide off the end of the stem. This hide should be cut so that the extra hide that will be off the end of the stem is larger than the rest... I guess the hide would be cut in the shape of a lollipop.... thin for the part to be sewn around the stem, with a larger end.

      After you sew the hide on the stems, put a slit (hole) in the middle of the extra hide off of the stem. Then take a hide lace and string it through the slits on the feathers, and then tie it in your hair.

      My youngest has a hairpiece like this made from small red-tailed hawk feathers.... very pretty.

      I was given more feathers to make a similar piece for my older daughter... i just haven't gotten around to it yet.... But I will....

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        Here is how I did it
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          that is really pretty!!!

          When I want to use small feathers I usually take a sinew and leather and wrap it around the stem and bind it very tight together using the sinew.
          then I make a small loop with the sinew. So I can bind it to whatever I want.

          If they are really small I take a small strip of leather and tie the feathers with sinew onto the leather.
          So I can bind the leather to anything else.

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