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  • gourd rattles

    what do people use to scrape the inside of the gourd? what is used inside to give it a good sound? how is the top attached and how do you get the horse hair tail to stand up?
    Ohenton Kariwahtekwen

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    I am down here in texas....i am taught to use garnet inside the gourd...
    to scrape inside the gourd ,I used a spoon
    what holds the horse hair straight up...the handle goes clear through the gourd and the hair is attached to it...wrapped in leather and beaded over...then it depends on how long you run your hair....I like to see mine flex a bit while I usually make it about 4-5 inches long...depending if I am using mane or tail hair...
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      I have an old baby spoon that I sharpened on one side to use for cleaning them out good. The gourd itself is not permanently attached to the handle but instead just slides down on a shaft that sticks up at the top and then a tubular piece of hide is used at the top of the shaft above the gourd to hold it in place. The horse hair is attached to that piece of hide.

      I know that isn't real detailed but I do not have time to right now to go into great detail.

      Hope this helps

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