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  • Hard sole moc turning...

    I've nerer had any trouble before, but then I always made 2 pc soft soles before... Man, that is tough nerve-racking work! I can't even imagine if I had beaded the uppers first! I made them rather tight fitting, and the soles were the stiffest latigo I could find, because my friend lives in Arizona and I wanted them to be durable... Well, I only caused 1 small tear around the tongue cutout, but it almost made me cry how hard I had to pull and stretch them!

    I pulled them through toe-first, but is there a better way? Is there a safe way to soften the soles for turning, but will allow them to harned back up afterward? I've heard that microwaving for a short time before turning could help, but I was afraid I'd cook the leather!

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    I used to have alot of trouble turning them and then my husband showed me what his mother used to do. when you start to turn the toes in you then get a broom handle and start pushing them thru while pulling at the same time. I have not gotten any tears and it makes it go fast.


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      Hey, that broom stick thing is a good idea! And yeah, you just have to tough it out. Actually I think you could soften the latigo a little first, but maybe somebody else knows how to do that. is what it is...


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        i would light dampen the soles so they turn alittle bit better.


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          I turn mine while the latigo is still wet... I've had to work for it before but never where it brought me tears or heartache LOL. I just work it a little at a time and sometimes bending the latigo in half long ways (not entirely in half mind you.. just kinda roll it or "cup it" like) helps at the toe
          Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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            I was taught:

            Before sewing up the mocc, massage your sole. Roll it back and forth, flex it all around. Really work it over. You want to loosen up the fibers a bit. You're done when the sole slumps a little when you hold it out straight.

            When you sew the beaded upper to sole, don't sew the seam up the back of the heel all the way. This will give you a little more slip room. You can sew that up after it is turned without messing up the tension on your seams. This really helps on southren lady's boots, which have a bit smaller openning around the ankle. (Also, I put my stitches a bit closer together on the instep to withstand the stress of turning better.)

            Just before turning, dampen the sole slightly. I won't soak them, just mist them with a plant mister or blot them with a wet towel. Then push in the toe back into the mocc and turn it inside out. A turning stick helps a lot. Mine has a flatish blade like thingie (don't you love this technical jargon?) on one end and a slightly pointed but smoothed end to push out the seams.

            If the mocc's are fully beaded, they will crunch and ping. This is nervewracking but normal. Just take a few deep breaths and keep going:)


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              I'm with ya'll about wetting the sole. Turns allot easier!.

              *Suggestion* On the cut across the vamp; Before you cut, make a small hole (using an awl) at each end of where you will cut. Then just cut to each hole you have made. This will keep the leather from tearing when you turn them. In fact, anywhere there is going to be stress on leather at the end of a "cut", use the same method. It helps by condensing the leather fibers together making it quite a bit stronger at that point.


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                that's a very handy tip! Thanks DWBeads
                Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                  Thanks for the help guys! Especially the one about the awl punch, I have to imagine that it will help, as the vamp is highly stressed right there, and since the cut is a dead-end, it tends to try to open up...



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