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  • Hints and tips on outfits for kids

    I am sure many of you run into the same problem I will be having soon. My sister has it already. The kids dance clothes don't fit anymore so here we go, time to make a new outfit. Did you ever run into that. Sometimes we are lucky if they last one season. Besides haveing grandma or Uncle make all new stuff. (HA HA) Any sugestions for everyone on how to make the clothes, how should I say it ,,,,,,expandable,,,inlargeable, or something like that. Also tips on subing one thing for another. Example, I seen a real tight weave plactic canvis done up as beadwork by using Embrodiery floss to make the color patterns they wanted. Or hints/tips on getting them dressed easier. Example, Seen a ribbon shirt that was actually made like a " one zee" and they had attached the aporon right to the shirt to make getting dressed that much easier. These hints/tips can be on any style dance, for boys or girls

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    For the boy's, fancy dance is actually the best outfit for fast growing kids. Not much for them to outgrow really quick. Bustle, goats, bells all last several seasons before needing replaced, and a cape and apron are quick to sew up.

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    My comments are based on what I have been taught and my experiences over the years I have been around the circle. They should in no way be taken as gospel truths and are merely my opinions or attempts at passing on what I have learned while still learning more.


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      Our boys, we made larger but rolled up their suits. As they grew we wuold just un-roll the top 'til we had to make a new suit. Their mocs just had to be remade as they grew, although I did make their mocs a slight bit larger for a years growth. Ribbon work was able to be transfered for most suits. We do a lot of pass me downs throughout the family.

      The girls dresses were made as needed. The Osage dresses were able to be rolled as they are rolled at the top anyway. I didn't make any beaded belts until they were almost grown. Their mocs were made each year and passed down. I didn't bead the mocs. They didn't get a buckskin until they were done growing. Or so we thought. They didn't fit after a couple of kids later.

      Good luck, they will have many sets. You might even try a grass dance outfit for the younguns. Use elastic for the waste bands.



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        With girls skirts you can add an extra long ruffle to the bottom to add length.

        That is pretty much the only tip I can offer.

        Most everything else has to be completely re-done. I have to do at least 1 complete regalia for each of my kids every year. 1 per year ....................per kid............

        I think it is worth it though......................I love to watch my kids dance. It gives me an overwhelming sense of pride for my children.....


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          I also love to watch my kids dance, and my nieces and nephews and others that I've made outfits for, too. After raising 4 daughters and keeping them in fancy and jingle from toddler to teenager, I picked up a few tricks.

          I posted some of these hints in beadwork somewhere, but here goes.

          Putting an extra long hem on skirts and dresses leaves a mark that I hate when unfolded, but you can sew ribbon over it. What I like to do is add extra inches at the top if it's a skirt (gathered, of course, for expansion). Make a regular casing for elastic, then ignore it and fold the top over several inches down and sew a new casing. Insert your elastic in this new casing, but leave the opening open, cut your elastic long, and just put on a small safety pin for adjusting it. Then next year, take the stitches out of that casing and use the ignored casing.

          On a one-piece dress, make it several inches too long, fold it in at the waist, and stitch where it will be covered by a belt. You can this to a jingle dress with a few jingles, but if you have over 75 or more at the bottom, I'd do a 2 piece. I make the top like a long shirt that hangs over the skirt, just to the top of 2 rows of jingles at the bottom of the skirt. Don't be afraid to make it extra wide at the shoulders and all the way down, it'll look good belted. I put one or two rows of jingles at the bottom of the "shirt". Like I said 2 rows of jingles is what I start with on the skirt. Next year when they're a little taller and more skirt fabric is showing, I'd add another row. It's good to have your ribbon (or whatever your holding down your row with) already sewed in place on the top edge. Then just insert your jingles underneath and stitch.

          For extending the life of moccasins (plains type), I make the tops extra long at the back. Make your back seam with a 1/2 inch to 1 inch seam allowance. Next year they'll probably need a new sole anyway. Then just take out the back seam, re-sew at the edge, and it's ready for a bigger sole. If someone inherits mocs that are a little big, just put in an insole and it takes up some of the slack.

          I make belts extra long and overlap. And leggings extra wide and overlap, securing with velco. Then later, you can remove the velcro and put on ties. It's a good idea to make their hair items on the big side, then they won't look too small when they grow. I made my youngest some moccasins with "removeable" beadwork. Then we could make her bigger mocs all the time, and finally ended up making a coin purse out of the beaded pieces.

          Just remember the little ones are going to get tired of hand-me-downs, and need new outfits, too.
 is what it is...


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            lots of velcro and elastic!!! LOL and don't forget duct tape for emergenies! i dunno if you figured this out yet or not but don't make fully beaded outfits until they are older, you will put all the time and effort into it and then they grow our of it!!!

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              Gosh you guys are smart!! I only have the one kid so when she outgrows I just make a new one LOL!!! was thinking of passing them down to my cousin's kid as she grows.
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                Lots of good ideas, I use quite a few of them. I'm all the time making dance clothes for someone.....either one of my two children that are growing like weeds or my nieces and nephew and let's not forget my "better half"!!

                I try to do alot of applique bead work on the capes or leggings and do a nice beaded set of hair ties/ barrettes/medallion. No fully beaded leggings until the growing has stopped!

                I also do alot of fabric applique..looks real nice.. I love my heat and bond!!!!

                I try to get at least 2 seasons out of the kids outfits and moccasins only last 1 season.


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