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  • Attaching Mirrors

    I would like some in help on attaching mirrors on to hair ties and other things. I don't want them to fall off. I will be putting the mirror in the center and beading around the mirror. Any info or suggestions would be great.

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    The following products have been effective for me.

    jewel and glitter glue found at my favorite places... Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Also E6000. Both work very good.


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      Glue works for me!!!!

      I like to use glue,~ crazy glue and a hot glue gun, that seems to work for me. I also let the glue dry with a book on top to add a bit of weight.
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        e-6000 and let it form a "lip" around the edges if possible, but not too thick.
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          Thanks for the help I am going to work on them soon so they will be done for the Chilliwack pow wow. Looking forward to seening what is new this year and already planning a jingle and another fancy. A person could just keepsewing forever.


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            Gorilla glue works very well too, its easy to use on felt and is very hard to come off


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