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  • jingle dress designs anyone

    hey im looking for a way to do my jingle dress. i already have my design but i need a way to hang my jingles and to make the dress. any info please help. my email is [email protected] so you can just email it to me. thank you.

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    May I suggest you repost your request to the crafts forum. There are many knowledgable artists there who are willing to help those who are respectfully and politely seeking information :)

    It is my understanding that the wish list forum deals with features that users would like to see added to the site.


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      I suggest that you go to a fabric store and find a skirt and jacket pattern you like, the skirt should flair at the bottom to allow proper leg movement, if you want a one piece dress I suggest that you find a patter for a dress you like that flares at the bottom if you want you can make the skirt part, then make a tank tom or use a tank top for the top, then you can cover this with a form fitting jacket. I made a jingle dress for my sister with blue material and gold cones. I made her a blue coat and the hat, it was decorated like the blue coats uniforms from the civial war. It was always unique and the judges loved it. Make sure that you find something that fits your personality and good luck. An I sugges using Copenhagan lids to make the jingles, they have a great sound.
      Best of luck to you!
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        Hanging Cones

        From past experience it is best to hang cones using Bias Tape. This can be found at any fabric store and comes in a variety of colors. You can put the cones on ribbon and the ribbon should be secured to the inside of the bias tape and then the bias tape folded over and sewn onto the dress in the pattern you decide. This has worked best for me and you can always go over the bias tape with larger ribbon to cover it if you want. Good luck.


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          here is how i have done it on my 3 dresses that i have made. select single fold bias tape in the color to match the dress. cut in strips about 3 inches long, tie a knot at the end of the bias tape, slide through jingle, clamp small end of jingle with pliers to keep the tape in securely. Then sew each jingle on individualy.Then use either bias tape or decorative ribbon you have selected to make your "lines or rows" and sew over top of the jingles that were placed individualy to make it look neater....

          Yes i know, very time consuming. it takes longer to string the jingles then it does to make the whole dress. I hope this helps!

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