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  • macaw tail fans

    Hi all
    Last week I was out in New Mexico and I was fortunate to pick up two Macaw tails. They are intact as the tail, the feathers haven't been removed or anything. I want to know if I can just stick them in a handle and I'm ready to rock. The tails are on the small side, only 6-8 inches tall. Would I be better off using them as decorative feathers for an eagle fan? This is going to be for straight dance.



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    Tail feathers

    I've seen them used as decoration on the otter drop. As for a fan I've seen loose fans and flat fans in both the feathers were removed from the tail and had the quill part wrapped then were set into to the handle. I just go to a few small powwows down here so there may be other uses and ways of doing it.


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      Around here most straight dancers do not carry macaw fans. Those are considered church fans or ladies use them. Got a couple of straight dancers that use pheasant feathers and really look good with them. Also don't know anyone that put macaw feathers with eagle feathers.

      Just my observations.


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