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  • Feathers

    I'm just now finishing up my outfit for traditional. Now, I'd like to make a few things for my wife and Mom. Where can I find macaw feathers? And other unique feathers?

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    There's a guy named Tom, who operates out of Houston. He's a bird breeder and trader. He travels to powwows all over TX, OK, AR, NE, CO and SD.

    His feathers are molted from live birds. He has really nice flat sets for ca $15-$60 depending on size, number and type of feathers. Last time I saw him, he had about 50-60 sets. He always has blue and golds, militarys, amazons, and various trim feathers. If you get him before Denver March, he has scarlet center tail feathers (ca $15-$25/ea). He also has: the scupltured threadwork extenders; rosewood, purple heart, and bois d'arc blanks; various threaded ferrules for handles; and occasionally german and sterling silver shakers.

    Since, I haven't got his permission, I don't want to post his address on the internet. PM me, if you're interested, and I'll give you contact information.

    Wakeda, out in CA used to carry them too.

    There's a guy in Sante Fe as well, but he was always too pricey for me. Unfortuately, I no longer seem to have his name in my files. However, he goes to GON (and is very busy) so maybe someone on here will know who he is.



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      PM me and let me know what you are looking for cause I sell them, I might just have what you want.

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        If you want a set of feathers already matched and trimmed for a fan, you'll best check out the vendors mentioned already. But if you just want feathers so you can do the work yourself then check out There are usually several auctions up for macaw tail feathers. Just type in "macaw tail" into the search box on the site.


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          Have you tried going to some pet stores/shops. The ones that have birds will usually just give you the feathers that are molted.


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