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  • eagleclan22
    Assinaboine Medicine Wheel here in Manitoba, Hes got both the silver and gold ones usually and sells them for a pretty good price. I get them off him for 20.00 for 100 (cause Im a good customer ;) Usually he sells them for 30.00 per hundred thats Canadian. The only thing is that they are flat and you gotta roll them yourself, or you can get them for a bit more for rolled ones. I myself rather roll them myself because I can get them in the shape exactly that I want them, and for about 400 it only takes about a good 2 hours or so ...... plus a bit of sore hands but its worth the price, and they are pretty durable, more then the twizzler looking ones.... so I suggest trying to get that phone number in Manitoba, I had it but usually I just bump into the guy on the trail.

    So try get a hold of Assinaboine Medicine Wheel in Portage La Prarie, Manitoba. the guys name is Del Assinaboine. Good Luck.

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  • chemika
    jingle cones

    go to They have flat or ready made, jingle cone rollers, too. They are in Edmonton, AB If you buy flat, $25.00 per hundred , if you buy a thousand of them. The catalog has everything for any craft.
    phone 1-800-353-7864
    USA email [email protected]

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  • n8tivechick
    crazy crow! they are great!

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  • dancingwater
    If you are looking for already rolled jingles I agree with TWDbear, but I'm going to try my hand at rolling them myself, so I'm having a friend that works at a construction company having all the guys save their lids from snuff. They all chew copenhagen, and already they have a large grocery bag saved for me! I just cant see paying the prices they want for lids, when I can recycle for free!

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  • TWDBear
    When i would buy the already made jingles for my daughter, i would compare the prices (in lots of 100) from Crazy Crow, Noc Bay and Wandering Bull.

    Since i would get new cones every couple of years, the prices would tend to change from each of them.

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  • wada
    started a topic purchasing cones

    purchasing cones

    Hi all....Just wondering if anyone has a great place to purchase snuff lids for jingle cones. The place where I use to purchase is no longer around. Name, catalog, prices, (U.S/Canada)
    Thanks.;) :Help

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  • Majii
    by Majii
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    All the places that I have found wanted a lot of money for them. The last dress I made, 400 jingles cost me $180.
    I'm just looking for better ways of cutting costs.
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