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  • Scalp feathers

    Ok out there- everyone who's put together scalp feathers before, this one goes out to you.

    I want to attach a new set of flicker feathers to the bottom of my roach so they'll still flop around as I dance. What have you all found is the best way to do it? I used to use hawk feathers and since they're bigger, I had them each on snap swivels. I've seen people crazy grlue each feather to sinew and then tie those onto the roach, but does that work well??

    what's yoru ideas?

    Thanks in advance...

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    one method I have found easy to do is to put a second braid in your hair that you can clip a swivel into. You could attach them underneath the roach, but I have seen some dancers fighting to keep them on the side of the head. I have also seen a combination of the method you suggested and creating a "pouch" around the quills and clipping that to a braid, but this hindered the feathers' motion.
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      but what do you suggest I use to attach to the feather? I just tried gluing sinew and it allows very little motion. maybe thicker thread or something...


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        I guess my suggestion here is to use one swivel and put both feathers on it. It should still give you most of the motion you want. I would think if you made a loop with the sinew (through the swivel eye) and then glued down, you should get some better motion.

        If I'm still not getting what you're asking for, speak slower and louder. It actually tends to help me....LoL.
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          I take it your feathers are broken down and not a whole tail.

          Put a small sinew loop on your quill. Attach a small size #12 or #14 swivel to each feather loop (Sampo brand swivels have the best movement). Run a piece of sinew through the swivel eyes to tie all the swivels together. Attach the sinew to a small strip of leather (same size like if you're tying a medicine wheel). Tie to your roach or braid, then go dance!
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            cool, thanks for the input everyone. that helps me out!


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