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  • Blackbear
    Ditto what PWBum said...but you can start it here and I can help you keep it up and alive if you would like. BUTTTTT if you are looking for a dollmaker forum..I have seen a few while doing some browsing, but it will mostly be dolls other than the native kind... There is a gal on tuscarora that makes some of the coolest dolls I have seen and turns out that she is a cousin of mine I believe..anyhow here is a link to her page if you are interested.

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  • powwowbum49
    I doubt we will see that because we would have far too many forums to keep track of if you started adding them from everything folks work on. It would quickly end up like Ebay where you can't find anything without having to look through everything. You should just start a thread asking about others that make dolls, what kind they make, etc., and go from there.

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  • Ulinawi
    started a topic Doll Makers forum

    Doll Makers forum

    What's the possibilty of a doll makers forum where you can post questions, tips and hints on making dolls, and then have sub-categories of dolls? (like porcelain, ceramic, leather, etc.)

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