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  • Cheyenne Beadwork Quesiton

    I am new to the board and wanted to ask a beadwork question. I am in the process of trying to find some information on men and women's Cheyenne beadwork patterns, including designs and color selection. Any insight you have to offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks...

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    Georg Barth book is a good starter "Native American Beadwork" unfortunately a lot of the pictures are in black and white.

    Go to a lot of museums and take a lot of color pictures.

    The leading Cheyenne beadworker I here a lot about is a Michael Kostelnik.


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      Most of the larger Museums have some examples of Cheyenne style work.

      Also Wispering Wind Magazine has several articles on Cheyenne style beadwork. I'm sure that they advertise on this website. You'll just have to look through their back issues till you find something on Cheyenne beadwork. Nearly every month they have an article on Cheyenne Mocs.

      Ken Weidner


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        For the record, although highly regarded and respected, Mike Kostelnik is not Cheyenne.


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          cheyenne beadwork (old style) consists of using alot of block designs, colors can be white (lotsa white) dk. blue, red, green, yellow (greasy, if u can find it). Im not cheyenne and am not an expert on the subject, this is just what ive noticed.
          Hope this helps ya.


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            Maybe try PMing Gache and ask him...he'd be the one to know as far as I can tell.
            Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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              Kostelnik may not be Cheyenne but is one of the best craftsman for a lotta years on the subject of Cheyenne beadwork be it north or south.

              I have been to Lame Deer several times and none of the stores have any good quality Cheyenne beadwork. The Arts and Crafts building on the east edge of town has been closed for years. 4th of July powwow couple of years ago was very little dancing and a lotta giveaways/handgames. Culture and language are going I think a lot with the younger ones.

              Any reports on the South in the area around Anadarko/Carnegie?



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                "Cheyenne" Beadwork

                There is no dispute that Mike Kostelnik is a master craftsman. My simple point is that he is not Cheyenne and I did not want others on this board who don't know who he is to think otherwise. I know some Cheyenne who would defer to him. But I also know of others who would not. The debate rages on . . . .

                There is some good Southern Cheyenne beadwork on display at Mohawk Trading Post in Clinton, Oklahoma. Mohawk also has some of Kostelnik's finished goods (not for sale). Look for the mocs with an antelope design.

                There are plenty of good craftspeople in that part of the state (El Reno, Concho, etc.), but not everything is for sale!



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                  fncyshwldncr4life is pretty much correct. Pictures would provide a better explanation of the design but you can find authentic beadwork just about anywhere on the net.

                  the beadwork is decidedly geometric and no flower patterns like the eastern peoples.

                  modern day beadwork pretty much everything goes in color, there is still an adherence most of the time to the geometric styles.

                  reds, blacks, whites, yellows, oranges in conjunction with reds and yellows, drk blues, occasionally light sky blue, occasionaly green.

                  block design is the old style. nowadays I see alot of zig zag kinda thing going on.


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                    I wanted to take a second and thank everyone who responded to my question. I greatly appreciate the help and have learned a lot.

                    Thanks again...



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