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Places to get good 3-cuts.....

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  • Places to get good 3-cuts.....

    Does anybody know where to get good reasonable 3-cuts?
    SHAKE IT!!!!

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    SO,-If you are talking about the 3cut charlotte beads,look at what MATOSKA or SUPERNAWS has to offer.We have used both and been pleased with the service and product.


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      Try They have some good ones!:)
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        Hey girl, shipwreck, and crazy crow both have 9-3cuts. The problem is getting different colors. Noc Bay might also have some. Good luck!!;)
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          the only 3 cuts that ive ever had that i can remember were from a peice of glass a razor blade and a peice of paper hope this helps out j/k


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            Do you have the website addy for them? Others might be interested, like me. My kids like the shine of tri-cuts, but selection is slim at times.
            Thank you
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              Here's a link to a good selection. I've dealt with these people and I'm very pleased with them.


              On the menu to the left is the link taking you to the cut beads and they have a lot of colors listed. The bead quality is excellent and they're very honest and prompt to deal with. The prices are good, too.
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                What a great site..... prices are good.... thanks for sharing


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                  wow, talk about an old thread?! hehe yeah I ended up getting them from Baker Bay and Ship Wreck. Talk about gorgeous.... lotsa colorssssss (swoooooooooooooooooooooooooon) they were beautiful! The service is grand. I will definitely be buying from both again. Call them and tell them what you're looking for, they'll do their best to get em for ya.
                  SHAKE IT!!!!


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