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    Has anyone ever ordered from this supplier before?

    I am thinking about making a new set of leggings and re-fringing my outfit. I'd like to know if anyone has ever ordered their commercial brain tan and what their thoughts are about them.

    Oklahoma Leather

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    We go to their store in OKC on occassion. Leather is rather pricey and I think too many holes. Never tried their mail order. I do know that they used to be owned by Tandy Leather, then separated and now back together.

    Hope it helps.


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      Making a Cheyenne shirt right now using some of that German tanned natural hides and it is pretty soft and creamy stuff and seems to take earth paint well.

      Crazy Crow carries it for about $7 a square foot (there goes budget for month:p )

      Do not know what Oklahoma leather carries or its quality but havew seen adverts for them on web.



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        Thank you all!

        If anyone else has any feedback please let me know!


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