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    Hello out there in powwow land!

    Could you perhaps educate myself, and others on the usage of Rhinestones in beaded regalia?

    I have no idea on what to look for, size, type etc! I would love to hear back from you, and also some good CANADIAN RHINESTONE SUPPLIERS SITES would be nice, if there is any

    Thanks all!

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      I just tried to pm you but, something happened and didn't go thru... anyway, I'll re-write it here.
      Go to eBay and look up these sellers: goldnbrat and trimtopia. They both sell the type of rhinestone trim (or banding some call it) that you want for use in your beadwork. It's the GOOD Swarovski rhinestones - the best sparkle !!
      goldnbrat sells the trim set in the clear setting and trimtopia has the black setting. You can ask either of them if they will ship to Canada. Their prices are really good per yard !
      Also, check at fabric stores in the bridal department and here in USA I've seen some rhinestone trim/ banding for sale at Hobby Lobby stores in my area for $8.00 per yd.
      Hope this will help !:)


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