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Need to find natural resin

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  • Need to find natural resin

    Does anyone know where I can get natural resin in the solid form to be used in place of pine pitch to be used in a bone whistle?
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    These are going to sound like odd places, but you might try one of these three places...a hobby shop that sells stuff for planes and trains, a local soap maker, or someplace like the museum store that sells stones and fossiles. Just suggestions, the best I can come up with...or (bracing for impact) one other place you might check out is a new age shop...I KNOW I KNOW..but they do sell things like that...
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      If there is a sporting goods store in your area, buy a bag of batters rosin. There is a white variety, and a black. Either will work, but the black is a thicker, harder type. The brand I used to buy was called Batters Bag. It is true pitch.

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        well cant you make your own pine pitch? or do u not like the time length in collecting it yourself. hey isnt there natural hide glue that u can make bu boiling deer toes and the mushy/sticky stuff on the inside is the glue. or is that just like Elmers type glue


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          yes i would also like to know how you get the b-b resin to act like glue? i never heard of the stuff so im clueless i 1st thought it was pitchers powder lol oh well oh yes one other thing hoow do u make an eagle bone whistle?


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