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  • Mink Hair Ties

    What do you think of Mink hairties? Yes I am talking about the real thing, thinking about sewing them to the beaded part, above the fur, on a new set... just wondering

    No otter around, but hmmm! Fell in love with that mink:P

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    I have mink braid covers(hairties) They are from an old coat of my mom's. I like that I have incorporated something of hers into my outfit. I have dark brown hair too and it matches really good.
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      Why not?
      I used the fur of a fox for my outfit.
      I got it from my mom. She took it off from an old coat, where it was on the collar.
      Now I have it on my braids.
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        Selina, that is such a nice picture of you! ok,now that I have had a few replies, I just might!:) A mink pelt here in town is $46.00 CDN, dang, and those just make me wish for a coat*hehe*:p

        My mom also mentioned that I might try the Salvation Army and see if there is any old fur coats or hats, it might be a bit cheaper, but hell... those minks are out of this world:D

        Speaking of that, would one pelt be enough? I dont realy need big hairties, but from the looks of it, I could easily get two ties from the one mink pelt.

        Thanks all;)


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          My daughter had a pair of minks when she was young. We can get them in Oklahoma for $25 to $50 a pair. We used the whole mink and tied them on with a beaded hairtie.


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            I had no idea that some used the whole mink. Again, I had never thought of that

            How would you attach the mink to the beaded part? I was just thinking of cutting some strips of fur from the pelt.


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              We didn't attach them, she had more than one set of hairties (more than one set of beadwork). We just left longer ties on the back of the beaded piece, placed it over the top of the hind that tied it on tightly. They were tied on below the head.

              If you were going to attach them to the hide I would just use sinew and sew from the hide to the back of the hairtie. Making sure that I had a piece of leather attached to tie it on your braid. It's easier to do than explain.


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                I use whole minks for my hairties. The ones I have include red and yellow medicine wheels attached to the top. My beaded ties get put on right underneath the wheels. Having the ties in two different spots really helps the minks to stay in my hair.

                One thing you might do is to attach barettes to the back of your minks to hold them in place & then tie them. (That idea just popped into my head.) Good luck!


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                  I also use whole mink hairties. I have several different braidties so I did not attach my minks to any of them. What I do is take the tie from the beaded piece and put it through the eyeholes of the minks. I then tie that into my braid. Works great! I've never had a problem with them! I also have a set of whole red fox hairties. I don't fancy shawl with them though, too big and wide. The mink are perfect, light and move well! I'll look around for a pic and put it on.
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                    Dang, I never even thought of putting the thongs or ties thru the eyes of the mink*l* Does that ever sound weird, when you are tired:p

                    That is great, cause I was wondering if I would have to cut off the head, and the feet, just use some fur strips, but I guess not!


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                      Putting ties through their eyes is a little creepy, I will still tie them on just under the head. Don't believe in decapitation either. Oh, we also leave the feet. Like to watch them swing and sway


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